Get ready for the most decadent transformational experience for Body, Mind and Spirit!

V.I.M.M Experience

Come spend a full day with me while we enjoy, play and throw overwhelm out the window! Through this one of kind experience we will be Discovering YOUR rhythm to get rid of the overwhelm that is holding you hostage in your mothering.

You will walk away with the insight, tools and rhythm that will keep you inspired. So you feel like you have more time in the day. Gaining the freedom to do what you love to do AND get everything done!!

What is the V.I.M.M. Experience?

The Very Important Magical Mother Experience is a full day, either in person or virtually, of personalized attention while we discover what has been holding you back from living a life of peace!

For the in person V.I.M.M Experience I will create a Spa Experience in the privacy of your own home or you can come to me!

Detox your mind and body while getting a full body wrap

  • Revitalize your spirit and body with a Full Body hot stone massage melting away the inner struggle and your muscles!

  • Heal your body, mind and spirt to a soul level!

    For the VIMM Experience Virtual, you will receive a care package in the mail to help pamper your body while we transform the mind and spirit to get healing within the body!


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