About Me


 The Short Version
My name is Stephanie Mathews and I am the Magical Mothering Mentor. I help women BE amazing mothers by empowering them to create a life outside the box so they can feel  true freedom, often for the first time in their life.

The Long Version

My lifelong dream was to become a mommy. I love learning. I have a passion for connecting deeply and helping people think outside of the mainstream society thinking. I have a BA in Psychology and am a certified Massage therapist, coupled with years of Nanny experience. I studied the Waldorf Education Model, spiritual practices and physiological aspects to create programs for women that transform body, mind and spirit.

After having my son and being pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I sold everything that didn’t fit into a travel trailer. We then moved out to a vacant piece of property in the desert, three days after birthing my daughter unassisted. I found myself! I finally knew empowerment with my whole being. I learned to listen to my voice within.

Then we left our off grid lifestyle and went back into civilization. I was heartbroken. It took almost a year to see the lessons and put the pieces together. I had a huge transformation that shifted everything within me. I knew for the first time that I am found, I am magical. I just need to be clear, be in the flow, and remember that everything around me is a mirror to what is going on in my inner world.

I had another awakening that completely transformed my whole life. Again all the modalities and lessons came pouring into me as through a funnel, Magical Mothering was born. I felt that my soul was alive with passion and purpose. I came to understand deeply how unique and valuable my message is for my tribe. I also became acutely aware of how to help others, especially moms, find their passions and purpose. To help guide women into creating lives of magic and passion by creating foundations, rhythms and transforming the mundane into magic using spiritual principles.

As a mother of 2 small children my spiritual practice was always trying to find its place between having to complete so much. Through my experiences I have been able to find a way to turn my parenting into a spiritual practice through awareness, being in the moment, and creating sacred space all with easy to implement strategies.

And most important of all the lessons was coming to a place of true empowerment to live my magical life that feels completely authentic to me! I was able to learn the tools, practices and advice to help replace those that weren’t authentic to my being, so I can fully step more into my authentic self.

I feel honored and filled with gratitude for having the courage to step out of the norm and live this magical life.