Allowing life to happen…

This time of year, seems to create lots of hustle and bustle. I went to the mall for the first time in 8 years and found myself feeling overwhelmed and wanting to run. But then I looked at my children. It was so exciting for them! My mom bought my daughter an outfit for her birthday present and she ran around the store so excited to have something that she got to pick out! The simplicity of the moment got to me. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you create the simplicity, peace and joy in the moment.

So while the holidays are becoming in full swing, remember that just because something might appear to be complicated and filled with stress, that is just one way to look at the situation.

The Mundane to Magical Card for this week is Allow.
Allow for interruptions, changes and life to happen. Let your child help create the events of the day by releasing any ideas of how life “should” look. Stepping into a place of grace by being in the flow with the universe allows us to BE in the moment, rather than trying to control the moment.


This card fell out of the deck this week as I was choosing and it fit so perfectly. I am excited to hear about your allowances in life this week.

How did you let go this week?

How were you able to change the way you were thinking about a situation in order to allow for life to happen?

Signing off with a lot of fairy dust and magic,

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