How are you Being?

I have a present for you!!! It is a Free Guide: Thriving through the Holidays!

Being space is one of the aspects of the 4 Steps to Thriving this holiday season Guide. This is a free guide that you can find in the files section of the Magical Mothering Facebook Group.

The past week was my birthday and the best gift I could think to give to myself was the space to BE. Just be present. I turned off my Facebook app on my phone, I went on a train adventure with my kids and the kids stayed up as late as they could, before falling asleep in my arms at a restaurant. These are not usual adventures for me, so they made me feel alive. I had to stay in the moment because everything was so new and I didn’t want to miss anything.


Each of these activities was very simple, cost minimal money and was surrounded by a sense of adventure. I had been getting stuck inside of my shell thinking about my business, a lot, and forgot that I was a stay at home for a reason! I really enjoy playing, being and seeing the wonder of life. Do you ever do this? Create more work for yourself and forget to make space to play.

The Mundane to Magical Card this week is Being Space. This is one of my favorite cards because it is such a valuable tool that I use each and every day!
Being Space
Simply be with your children. Allow this time to be lead by the imagination of your child. Be silly, fun and allow for them to transform the present moment into one of imagination and magic! Take time each day to put this ritual into practice.

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I set the intention everyday to create at least 20-30 minutes of being space with my kids each day. It works best if it is a consecutive time frame rather than broken up. I am able to fall into their space of being present much easier if I create the time to just be with them each day. I have found that after my time being present with them, when I excuse myself to go do dishes or start a meal, I am more present with that activity as well.

When we create a space of being we open up space within our minds to not be so overwhelmed. This is a practice. It takes doing on a regular basis. Then after we have this as a daily practice, it becomes part of our nature. And we free up more head space to invite inspiration, creativity and fun into our lives.

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Here is to your most magical holiday season yet!!


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