Choosing peace…

Believing that peace is available beyond all physical circumstances is a lesson that I have been living the past couple of weeks. I awoke this morning with the knowing that it is Magical Monday and it sets the day apart. I feel the magic in everything I do and see. I will most likely give every other day of the week a name so that each has a special intention for it that sets it up to be noticed. (We already have Wilderness Wednesdays, so only 5 more to go 🙂

• • •

Magical Mondays

Today was the first official Magical Monday in my life. What is that?, you ask. I will tell you. Today being leap year I really felt the pull that today was special. It is a day that only comes every 4 years and it is special. We get an opportunity to see that we do get more time, space, freedom to celebrate. So instead of doing the laundry today, my kids and I spent most of the day playing in the forest. I built a giant lean-to and my kids played in the trees and the meadow. We then went over to their little houses in the other part of the forest and had a picnic lunch and enjoyed the sun. It really was magical. It was a time of BEING. I love that space. So I will continue this ritual of every Monday having the Magical Monday intention. To focus on Being and finding all the magic that is hidden within the day!

• • •


We went out to eat and I got a gluten free waffle, but they were not vegan and loaded on what I though was pure maple syrup, turns out it was maple flavored high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and I got to pay the piper, the entire next day. My body can not handle HFCS and neither can my son. After his renal biopsy, that we are still waiting to hear the results back from, the nurses gave him a popsicle. For the whole next day not only was he in pain, but he had those disgusting sulfer burps and a stomach ache. Poor thing, I know not to allow them to feed my son again. They said I couldn’t give him the green juice I brought but advised to a HFCS popsicle being an ok alternative.

• • •
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