Choosing peace…

Believing that peace is available beyond all physical circumstances is a lesson that I have been living the past couple of weeks. I awoke this morning with the knowing that it is Magical Monday and it sets the day apart. I feel the magic in everything I do and see. I will most likely give every other day of the week a name so that each has a special intention for it that sets it up to be noticed. (We already have Wilderness Wednesdays, so only 5 more to go 🙂

Today was magical in and of itself because we were woken up by rain that turned into snow that covered everything making it look so clean and white. I then remembered that we had an appointment for my son to get some results back for a test he had at the beginning of last month. I started to panic, driving in the snow! Fear began to creep in, then I remembered Peace. I get to choose peace in every moment. So I did.

While hearing the results of this test, which happened to let us know that our 4 year old has an incurable terminal disease, peace washed over me. Yes. I was so thankful in that moment for an answer, a direction. I feel like we had been floating in a sea of unknown and with a diagnosis at least we can take steps to understand, heal and grow. I am filled with peace.

happy Zion

What in your life do you need to invite peace into? Where do you see the uncontrollable that you are trying to control that is causing more chaos? Invite in and choose peace in this moment. You will be so happy that you did.

If you have just a few moments of your day begin to see that there is nothing in your physical moment that you need to not have peace about. See the beauty in the moment, every moment. As we see that all we have is only this moment, life becomes really truly sacred. We are not guaranteed any other moment than this, so why fear? What we can do is see the perfection of each moment, soak it up in full and then breath into the awareness of being full present.

I ask you to choose peace. Allow your mind to seek out any fear thoughts and transform them into ones filled with peace.

I honor your ability to choose and offer you a life of peace. All you have to do is accept it and it is given freely.

I love you and am so grateful for the peace that flows freely.


Stephanie Mathews is a Magical Mothering Mentor. She helps moms who are ready to transform the chaos of their lives into more consistent states of peace and joy. She guides moms to step out of the struggle and transform the mental mayhem that is keeping them from living their unique and brilliant expressions of who they really are. Letting them create a life of more freedom, simplicity and happiness. To attend a free training with Stephane please go to

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