a long awaited sisterhood…

I have been longing, searching and wishing for a consistent way to connect with other magical/spiritual women who want to go deeper. I have created groups, gatherings and opportunities to meet others in a physical space but things just kept coming up for so many of those that really wanted to be a part of it. So I began to wonder, ask and see the vision for a community of sacred space, connection and learning in a virtual space. As I wondered, explored and really held this intention I knew it was possible.

I began to create the space, all the while holding this intention, listening to the response and knowing how needed and wanted this was for more women than just me. The Magical Mothering Sacred Circle began taking form.

I began to meet women who I wanted to learn more from, so the idea of having co hosts for certain gatherings began to form. Full moon and New moon aspects begin to take shape. I wanted to also have the seasonal themes from my handbook to be included. I knew having journal prompts and creative expression aspects would help us all go deeper and create the space of sharing. So that I could facilitate and share what spirit had expressed through me, but also have everyone share and express through this sacred space!

As this vision has grown and created something so much bigger than I could have ever expected, it is now ready to share with you!!

I invite you to the Magical Mothering Sacred Circle. I invite you to a sisterhood with women from all of over the world that are willing to grow, connect and share deeply. I ask you to come into this sacred space.

For so long I felt so lonely in my mothering. I felt such a profound desire for closeness and deeper connections that I haven’t been able to find in any other groups. But I know from connecting through the Facebook group that their are women ready for this. There is a hunger that is shared by not just me and it feels so amazing to connect women in this tribe!

If this feels like it is something that you too have been searching and longing for, I invite you to check out all the details here!

I am so excited to share, connect and grow with you!

The first Magical Mothering Sacred Circle Gathering is on Sunday, October 30, 2016. So join in to be a part of this sacred journey from the beginning!

Peace and gratitude to you,

Stephanie Mathews is a Magical Mothering Mentor. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Magical Mothering: Spiritual Empowered Parenting. She helps women transform their lives so they can live with passion, purpose and peace! Stephanie runs the Facebook group Magical Mothering, giving women practical and doable teachings to help them create a more magical life for themselves. All while living and playing in the forest with her own magical children.

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