Discover Your Rhythm

Discovering Your Rhythm Through Inner Healing to Create a Magical Life for YOUR Family!

Are you ready to create a magical life that is as unique as you are?

Each month we will have 2 live calls that will give tools, techniques and practicality to creating your magical rhythm. Whether you have kids in the home, homeschool or work full time, this journey will help get you into your magical rhythm.

This is not a one size fits all approach! Each participant will have access to getting the individual attention they need to create their rhythm. We will have a private Facebook group to share all of our insights, ask specific questions and get the individual support needed to create a rhythm that will be completely unique to you!

Each live call will have teaching, healing and Q & A so each person can get their specific questions answered.

So often as mom’s, we end up floundering through the day, throwing meals together, stuck washing loads of laundry and doing dishes until we fall exhausted onto the couch longing to just relax for a moment. Then begin all over again.

A rhythm brings the chaos, hectic schedule and overwhelm to a close as mindfulness, awareness and insight take over. No more thinking about what to do next all the time, wasting precious energy on trying to think of what the next move is or what is going on the table. It is time to create space to heal, be and grow.

When we are always in the rush of trying to get everything done, we end up running around in circles, and wasting the precious time we do have.

A rhythm is more than just a meal plan and activities. A rhythm is the flow of our entire lives. It is the way we are through the day. It is the way we think throughout the day. It is the entire manner of everything within that is creating the chaos outside of ourselves.

So often mom’s throw in the towel when it comes to creating a rhythm, because only the physical aspects are paid attention to. But the inner aspects of rhythm will be the only way to create of flow of our outer lives.

Through this 3 month journey together we will unravel the chaos, overwhelm and rollercoaster of emotions. NO more feeling like your outer circumstances rule your life.

At the end of this 3 month journey you will learn all the tools necessary to feel empowered through your rhythm, so you will be in the flow!