Do you believe?

Do you believe in the magical creatures?

So my husband thinks I am crazy more often than not, but he loves me dearly!

When I really dove into Rudolf Steiners works he spoke often of the magical creatures. This very educated, scholars man spoke about beings like fairies, gnomes and other magical folk. I wasn’t quite sure how to take this. It is kinda like someone who really knows that big foot, aliens or other not so normally talked about beings are openly talked about as if everyone knows them.

In the Mundane to Magical Deck, there is even a Card for Magical Creatures!

Awakening to the worlds of magical creatures helps our imaginations and thoughts seek out the magic in life. Connecting to the fairies, gnomes, and many others opens our eyes to seeing more than this life. Believing in a fully magical world and creating opportunities for our children to have more wonder helps foster a life of greatness. When our imaginations can run wild, so can our dreams.

I began to explore within myself what I believed about them. I actually had no qualms with believing in them, especially once I introduced them to my children. And then when I realized that magical/mythical creatures are in every single culture across the globe, it really made me realize.

Did people just make these up or is there some truth to this stuff?

Well I am amongst the believers now. I don’t need to argue or get anyone else to agree with me, but there is a lot more magic in my life now that I let that just be part of my belief system.

Each night I tell a story to my children that often has many magical creatures that they meet and some come just for certain seasons. I made a video of one for you!

Let me know what you think, because I love telling stories. I am thinking this might be a new aspect of my youtube channel.





  1. Mimi - February 14, 2017 @ 11:20 am

    ❤ u R hilarious Steph. Really cute story, and yup you are a great storyteller with fun imagination!!! More please!

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