Dress up your magical self!

On this Halloween Day, I want to wish you the space to be your most magical self!

The Mundane to Magical Card states:
Our magical self is our true self. Become aware that we are magically creating our physical realities with our thoughts, words and actions. I am the magical being creating my life. I have all the magic within myself to create the world I want to be living in. I release all thoughts that the control lies outside of me. I am the magical creature of my world. I awaken to creating a world that is filled with love, peace, joy and inspiration.

Magical Self-2

I want to spend this Halloween day, being my magical self. As I dress up for the day, I want to put on my magical self. I want to make sure that is part of the costume today. I don’t think I will take it off though like I have before.

Do you feel like you put your magical self on the shelf? (ha ha I didn’t mean to rhyme)

Are there certain people that you are around that you have to hide your magical self from?

What would it take for you to be fully you all the time?

Do you give away your power thinking that you are not the creator of your life?

Our culture loves to perpetuate the victim state of mind. But this does not empower us to know that we are the magical creators of our lives.

As we come into our experiences we gain something from each of them. Some of those experiences are labeled good, bad or indifferent but each of them is on our journey. I feel that on this journey it is time to create a mindset of our experiences are all there to help us grow. Help us transform and help remind us that we are the magical creators of our lives. We may have once given or not had any control over our lives, but now we do.

What will we do with that empowerment?

How will we serve through our experiences?

How will we grow, transform and step into our greatness through our experiences?
I would love to hear how you will acknowledge and allow your magical self to take hold of your life!

Happy Halloween and Samhain to you!

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