‘Tis the season to Encourage!

Throughout this week as I have been preparing for the Thriving through the holiday Workshop, I have had this word on my mind a lot. How do I encourage the women in my tribe, without adding any guilt, judgment or the feeling of having to add more to their already full plate?

The Mundane to Magical Card for Encourage:

Encourage imagination to reign freely. Imagination and wonder can redirect anyone into different behavior through stories, songs and silliness. Encourage children and yourself to be gentle, loving and communicating needs, so they are met. All the while, encouraging your own mind, body and spirit to seek love, joy and peace always, in all ways.



I have been in constant meditative awareness of my own life. I have been able to stop and see where I am getting frustrated. What common themes keep coming to the surface? What feelings are typical during the holiday season?

I found that expectations of others came up frequently in my life over the past week. I expected people to do, bring or help without having to let them know that this is what I needed from them. When I started feeling unsupported or overwhelmed, I would go to my old victim mind of “they should know I have a lot on my plate and offer their help.” Then before the thought even fully formed in my mind, I would gently remind myself that I have been pushing away help and “doing it all” myself for years now. Suddenly thinking they should know I need something is actually quite silly of me. So I asked for help, I let people know that I was willing to accept their support. It made a world of a difference this past week.

I felt like the world had my back. I felt like I had a whole team of help and support, even if it was just in a knowing that I was finally in a place to receive.

So with this, I encourage you to look at the themes that keep surfacing for you.

Common Feelings/Themes that come up during the holidays:
Not enoughness
Loneliness (even in room full of people)

What old patterns or themes came up for you this past week?

Do you have a game plan on how to handle them for the next month throughout this holiday season?

If you want to share them in the Magical Mothering Facebook Group, email me or join in the Sacred Circle to share in a smaller, more supportive group, please do!

The world is changing, people are becoming more aware of each other. This is a good thing. As we see that others have the same emotions and experiences as us, we are able to create closer connections. Our loneliness begins to evaporate because our walls begin to come down. We begin to see our piece of the puzzle. So I want to recognize you in this moment. I want to honor who you are in this moment and let you know that it is perfect.

You being able to read these words and be in this space with me, creates connection. This creates the space to heal not only ourselves, but the world. Allowing others to see what is possible for them.

When we really see the themes/feelings that pull us into our minds, instead of living in the moment and being present to what is going on in our hearts and bodies, they no longer have the strength to pull us into the muck. We allow our feelings to be felt fully, then they get released. This keeps us in each present moment.

The other aspect of this encouragement to allow the imagination and fun to take over has really been pulling at me lately. I have found myself stepping into the really inauthentic role of serious “parenting.” Do you ever find yourself putting on a serious face, but laughing on the inside. So as to not encourage the behavior of the child. Well it doesn’t work. They feel with their bodies, so they are seeing your expression, yet feeling the energy of being funny, releasing, humor. Just be, whoever you are in the moment. If you child tells a really funny joke that has bathroom humor in it at the table and it makes you want to laugh out loud. Do IT!!! Encourage yourself to stop being the parent the world thinks you should be and be the person that you are. Then when you are done, say so, but in a gentle kind fun way. Be authentic, all the time, and your child will know when enough is enough. I promise! Speak to them as if they understand and they will understand more than you think. Allow yourself to be silly, sing spontaneously, dance them into their PJ’s and know that life is short enough without having to feel so serious all the damn time!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out during this season at any moment. There are people that care. I want everyone to know that life is precious. Creating a memory is more important than having everything be perfect. Remember that your sanity, peace, joy and experiencing the moment is more important than anything else. So here is to a month of connecting, giving, receiving and creating memories filled with love, peace and joy!

Know that I love you deeply and am so excited for this space to connect with you.

Sending lots of Magical Wishes your way,


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