Equanimity….What does that even mean?

When I first started on this path of peaceful/aware/inspired parenting there were so many new terms. When my son was just a few months old I discovered Waldorf education and Rudolf Steiner. I have him to thank for where I am today. I soaked up his works, lectures and ideas. This lead me to creating a life filled with more peace and awareness.

Then I found him talking about equanimity. This is what the Mundane to Magical Card has to say about it:
Awareness of our emotions and their affect on our actions is a precursor to equanimity. Keeping our emotions in a stable, consistent state of calm and peace creates a consistent state of calm and peace within the home. Emotions are part of life but that doesn’t mean they get to rule your life. Allowing the inner world of equanimity rule the outer world of circumstance creates a reality of peace and balance.

So in a nutshell, we have emotions but they don’t get to rule our life. Our awareness and higher selves get to do that.

If you follow my blogs, posts or other writings you will know that I have emotional bursts just like anyone else. I actually feel even more fully now that I practice more self care, automatic writing and other ways of connecting inward. So while my emotions do not rule me, I do allow them to surface be felt completely and then let them go without harboring them to hold over others.

How to apply this practically?
Create the space to feel deeply. (Make sure you are in a space that if emotions do come up you feel comfortable releasing and experiencing them fully)
Begin to ask yourself, I do this while tapping, where you feel calm. Pinpoint a space in your body that feels available to love, share, and is open.
If you don’t feel like you have a space like this, ask yourself why you don’t have a space like this!
3. When you create the space to feel fully your body, mind and heart will tell you exactly what it needs to fully let go.
4. When we have emotions that are stuck in us, especially sadness or neglect, they come out as anger and frustration much more easily.

As we acknowledge feelings within us that we don’t allow ourselves to usually express, we are unable to create space of calm and peace: equanimity.

This is the goal. Our objective can be to create space of love, support, peace and calm in our homes. If we are constantly flying off the handle, how in the world do we expect our children to act any differently.

When we begin to do the work of creating a healing space for ourselves, our children will learn that they actually have the same ability. But they will not learn it from us if we are not imitating how to do this in real life.

It is not enough to meditate, practice yoga and have any other spiritual practice if we are not aware of our underlying emotions causing us to have outbursts. We must connect to ourselves and really listen to what is going on so we can heal. We can learn our lessons and move on. We will always have emotions, but they don’t have to linger for so long. We can learn to create the space to feel, give ourselves love and then move on with life so we can stay in the moment.

As always I would love to hear about any specific situations you have that I can address to dive more deeply into this aspect!

Here is to your home and life being more grounded in equanimity!


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