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Mundane to Magical Card for the week is: Expectations

Releasing all expectations will create a life of true freedom. As expectations are removed from all situations, people and experiences everything becomes perfect. Living a life free of expectations creates a space of gratitude for everything, because nothing is expected. Life becomes a very generous, loving and warm place to live without any disappointments or needs for forgiveness.

I have talked a lot about expectations but this week it will be my main focus. I will meditate, recognize and notice if I am having expectations that are no longer serving me, my children or my relationships.

I know there is a lot of talk about unrealistic vs realistic expectations, but I want to take it one step further in my life. It is walk on the edge, totally out of the box and not acceptable in the society we live in….BUT that is who I am. 🙂

I want to give up ALL of my expectations!

I want to live purely in the moment and allow for life to happen.

You may be saying, NO WAY, can I do that.

So this is not what is taught in my most counseling and coaching groups. They usually teach how to create realistic expectations, but this is spiritual principle. And as with some spiritual principles this is a lifetime goal, a principle that will come up over and over again throughout the remainder of your entire life.

What is an expectation?
Dictionary definition is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future or a belief that someone will or should achieve something.

Why I believe I was given the opportunity to release ALL of my expectations. I know that I have been called to live a life that is more outside the lines of mainstream society. I know that I have been given the mindset and the people to support this lifestyle. I also know that it inspires others to live out lives that they thought unimaginable with passion and joy!

Yet the only way to live fully present, fully authentic, and fully alive is release the way that will all actually look in reality. When I begin releasing ALL OF MY EXPECTATIONS 5 years ago, it took time. I was still holding onto what I wanted from others. This will be a journey. But one worth undertaking.

I still believe in setting intentions. This I believe has only to do with us. Intending to create the life of your dreams, while allowing everyone else around you to be or act how they are going to without you putting your intentions onto them.

What is an intention?
Dictionary defines it as an aim or plan.

I love this because it is so perfect. I love goals, I love planning, I love creating to put into action. Yet I also have to stay in my intention and release any expectations that may sneak up of how that will look, to a T.

Where do you need to release your expectations and create intentions instead?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this card!

I love you and am so grateful for you.

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