Nature as our Source of Financial Abundance!

I am sitting here completely amazed after a discovery session I just had with a magical mama! I am in awe of what came through for her and for me.

Like so many of us, she was stuck in overwhelm with financial worry and fear. I have been in her shoes many times and it struck me that usually my own fears and worries come into play when I used to have these conversations.

But something huge shifted today in our session for her and for me. (Because the amazing thing about giving, is I always receive as well!)

The realization came through that financial security comes from nature. When you are an earth loving, hippie, free spirit that doesn’t resonate with city life anymore and shift to wanting a more deeper relationship with nature. Making a garden, playing outside and nature walks. But there was a disconnect that was discovered to feeling really taken care of by nature. By seeing that nature truly will provide EVERYTHING we need in our lives. There is not one thing, food, warmth, protection, love and value that nature will hold back from us!!!

When we connect to nature in a way that we TRUST FULLY that she will provide not just the things for us to survive but pure abundance we get overwhelmed with a great sense of peace!!

When we see that their is so much abundance in nature that of course that same abundance can and will be in our own lives when we trust without a doubt that we are taken care of. It may require things to shift that we haven’t been aware of before, but it is possible!

During our session it was realizing that her heating bill was taking up ALL OF HER INCOME! When I suggested that she turn off the heat and collect sticks and wood from nature to provide the warmth for her family she was felt a shift. She could rely on nature to provide for her. She was already walking around outside all day anyway, so it would be easy to pick up enough sticks for the day to warm her home!

Sometimes while we think it might be more work to do something different it actually provides us with the freedom to live more fully in alignment and with less fear!

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  1. Heather - February 13, 2018 @ 11:13 pm

    I am trying to contact anyone about a purchase. I’m not finding anything on the website with contact info. Please contact me.

    • magicalmothering - February 20, 2018 @ 11:39 pm

      Heather, thank you for reaching out. I believe we have touched based now.

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