Finding Your Tribe…

The light of the full moon woke me up as it poured into the trailer window. Being in the trailer has already helped me feel more connected to the natural rhythms of nature and myself. We are parked outside one of the Magical Mother’s homes in Idaho and are enjoying our stay so much here that we are planning to stay another day or 2. 

The insights and observations that have come through have been so healing for me, and her, and given me some huge awarenesses of how to help communicate and further help all the other magical mothers!

The Biggest Insight so far is that the women in the magical mothering Tribe are just that. WE are deeply connected and in this shared space for a reason. 

You ARE special, wild, radiant, free spirited, nature loving, connected to something deeper, vastly creative, able to heal, love deeply, express yourself, and find magic in the mundane


often feel alone, misunderstood, like a failure, guilty for not living out your passions or for settling, over givers, people pleasers, and are often last, if not missing on your list of people to serve.

So what do we do about this?

We begin to focus on ourselves. 

This is so difficult for us. We want to help, change, love, and create magic for those around us. The problem is it will never happen if our own light or flame has faded. 

It is this very thing, 

  • creating time to meet our own needs
  • finding what inspires us and pursuing it whenever possible (because let’s be honest our spouses do this all the time!)
  • changing only what we have control over!!

So the last aspect is a big one. What does only changing what we have control over really mean?

A lot of the women that I work with have a really difficult time with rhythm, meal planning, pursuing their passions, and many other aspects. Not because they aren’t willing to follow through, but because they EXPECT everyone else to follow along before they have seen the results!

So what do you do when your husband, kids and everyone else seems to be AGAINST your new idea or the changes you want to implement? 

YOU do it anyway. YOU follow through with your plan. BEING CONSISTENT. DOING IT THROUGH THE RESISTANCE. 

Here is the deal. When an idea comes to us and we are super excited, as many of you have been when you hear something I have suggested or taken one of my programs, we think that everyone around us will understand our excitement and just jump on board. 

I am sorry to say but this just won’t happen!!

The only way real, true, meaningful change will ever happen is if you make it happen. 

The expectations that anyone other than yourself will like, agree, or be on board with you, has to be released for real change to happen. 

So the next question is, is your flame lit enough to have the energy to make the changes you have desired for so long? 

I have some women who have been following me and been in the magical mothering tribe for years. And they truly desire to be living a more magical, meaningful, passion filled life. 

The issue is they don’t realize that their flame is going out. This doesn’t have to stop you!

You can be reignited!! You can have your fire back! 

You can burn brightly as you did before the kids, the husband, the work, the finances, the world, slowly started making you feel weighted down under a heavy blanket of worries, anxiety and fear!!

How do you do this?

By reconnecting with yourself. Your magical self. 

By being willing to do the work FOR YOURSELF!!

90 Days to Remembering Your Magical Self is one of the best ways that I have seen of how to help women connect back to themselves. 

The women in the group have gone from lost to found. From angry to feeling joy. From being overwhelmed to feeling passionate. From feeling guilty to feeling free. And most of all, they trust themselves again and FOLLOW THROUGH  even if no one around them is following them!!!

I would truly love to have you be a part of this amazing group of women who have created radical transformations in their lives. 

If you have been searching for something, anything that would help shift back into yourself, your true self that has been lost under all the stress, anxiety and worries of life, this is it. Stop searching for an answer. 

This is the answer to which you have been searching.

We are truly in this magical, wild journey together. We have been connected, mostly through the virtual space, but know that you are a part of this tribe. You belong here. You have found your people. 

Now is the time to jump into something that will help you not just know it, but feel deeply connected and able to completely shift your life!!

If you are ready to jump into this space now, reply to this email and we will get you set up right away!!

Thank you for being on this journey with me, as we travel through this amazing journey of healing and rediscovering ourselves to truly create and be the magical mothers that we are!!



90 Days to Remembering Your Magical Self

  • 12 Full Weeks of Sessions that include
    • healings
    • mindset reframes
    • valuable tools to use in your everyday life
    • practical ways to shift so that you get real changes
    • workbook for each week
  • Private Facebook Group to share insights and ask questions
  • Monthly Live Sessions to get your questions answered, get personalized coaching on the calls, and get valuable insights from the other women in the group!

ONLY $497 

(Please note that all healings, videos and sessions are all prerecorded)

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