Are you following your path?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are surrounded by people talking and all of sudden you have no idea who you are?

I felt like this the past week, a few times. I was in situations that didn’t feel like me. I was out of my comfort zone, I was unsure of why I was there and I began to feel the panic rising of how to make my exit seamless.

I think a lot of people have been even finding this experience on their own Facebook and social media timelines. Like they are a foreigner in this land that has become a place of me against you, and name calling. But even through all of those crazy posts, I feel their is a great shift happening. There is something brewing and it is going to come to a boil very soon. Then what??

Do you know what you want, who you are, where you are going? Do you know how to get there?

The Mundane to Magical Card for the week is Follow your Path.
Experiencing life to the fullest requires us to follow our own path. We may follow the path of others for only so long, before the longing within becomes so strong that we have to forge ahead for ourselves. Being the leader of our lives, open to inspiration and releasing all expectations creates a life of true freedom. Step into the path that was created by you to experience your most magical life, it is simply waiting to be explored.

This card was such a breath of fresh air to me to have as the theme for my week. The Magical Mothering Sacred Circle started this month, a project that I have been wanting to launch for over a year and half. With the launch I had so many fears, worries and dreams came to reality. I can see a space for women that are ready to create their dream lives and taking the steps to do it, coming to be. I see the possibility of life radically changing for those willing to step into the space of co creating their lives.

The theme for Winter is Creating our magical lives. We started the journey with really getting into the space of knowing what we want. But in order to do that, we have to know who we are. We have to see the possibility of being fully us. Being fully the unique lights that we are, and being aware that we are a unique light.

I was always a wild child. I loved being in the mud, being dirty and playing. I realized that I haven’t changed much, I now have kids that makes it so I don’t look so odd doing it by myself. Which is why I was a nanny or sitter for the previous 15 years of my life. I never fit into the box of what I should be doing and my goal through Magical Mothering is to empower other women to not settle into a life that isn’t their own either.

What path do you need to follow?

Who do you want to be and are you on the right path to be that person?

What steps do you need to take to start taking hold of your own life?

If this aspect of finding who you are and reclaiming your wild self back speaks to you. I would love to have you join the sisterhood of the sacred circle, to discover more of yourself. We have a live gathering on Monday, November 14, 2016 but you get all the recordings and handbooks for all past gatherings once you join 🙂 You can check out all the details at

Peace and blessings to you on your magical journey of following your own unique path. Leading your world to a place of empowerment, joy and peace.


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