But I don’t want to…

Why should I be the one to forgive someone if they are the one that hurt me?

Truth be told, they aren’t even thinking about you or the situation any more. That is why you forgive. You forgive so that you can finally let go of the past, the resentments and the grudges. It actually isn’t about the other person at all!!

Forgiveness = Freedom

Freedom to live in the moment.

Freedom to create a life that you actually want
Holding onto grudges, resentments and the past just brings more of those experiences into existence because they are lingering in your thoughts

Freedom to allow your children to live a life not tied to the past
Our children learn their coping skills first from their parents, then from society, then on their own

Freedom to plan, create and live an inspired life
Living a life of passion requires us to live in the moment connected to a source of inspiration. This is impossible to do when we are living in the past.

The Mundane to Magical card for this week is Forgive.
Take time to set yourself and those that may have harmed you free. Acknowledge the hurt, forgive them and yourself then release the in love. Always choose freedom over chains. Always choose love over fear. Know that you are dearly and completely loved. You deserve the peace, love and joy that comes with forgiveness. Forgive freely and forgive often.

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Sending you a sprinkle of fairy dust and a bit of magic,

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