Frustration Holding you Hostage?

I can’t believe we are at the end of January already! I love new years, the resolutions, the fresh start, the forgiveness and pardoning from the year before. But then do you ever have the frustration from the year prior creep into the new year with you.

My goal was to get back into my daily yoga practice, but so far I have completed 9 days of yoga instead of 29. I used to kick myself. Wasting precious time, energy, and mental capacity getting down on myself for not being able to do something as easy as wake up and do yoga. This new year, my goal was not to complete every task on my list but to not get frustrated over not completing them. I promised to give myself compassion, love, and grace. This is difficult because often what I “think” is important in the moment is often truly meaningless.

This has been a huge leap in shifting the mindset that I have had for years. It took healing, new tools, and a lot of awareness to get to this point.

Have you been there, no matter what affirmations you use, how much positive thinking you thought, it just wasn’t working?

The feelings of frustration just wouldn’t shift.

You are not alone. This used to be my life, daily! It was like I knew all the right things I should be doing, but couldn’t implement them to change my life. I tried what had worked for everyone else, meditation, gratitude journal, positive thinking, affirmations, and even eating better.

Then when things don’t begin to shift in a big way, I would begin to think that I was broken. Maybe this just works for everyone else. Maybe I am too far gone. These thoughts made me think that I just wasn’t worth fixing. Then the drinking, the emotional eating, the pain, the anxiety, and the depression all seemed to just get deeper. Pulling me into the feelings of drowning in my own life. These feelings didn’t just go away on their own. they just pulled me further into a downward spiral until I finally couldn’t take them anymore.

Have you ever felt this way?

I remember sitting in my messy living room, with 2 babies under 2 years old thinking how did I get here. It was all I had ever dreamed of for myself and now that I had it, I felt so empty and lost. I was short fused, felt like the dream I desired was so far out of reach, and now had a house full of people depending on me to hold it together. I just wanted someone to show me how to do it. I searched endlessly online for answers, courses, help but I just wound up wasting more of my precious days.


I was a trained massage therapist but that just wound up getting people on my table every week with the same issues. I felt that was the way my life was going. I would try something new in my personal development but to only have it last a week or two at most in helping me create the magic that I was so hungry for. The meaning to life, being present and making life FEEL worth living. I began to add in nature, more healing modalities, EFT, working with my inner child, conscious parenting courses, connecting deeper into my spiritual path and goal setting. Not one of these on their own shifted but it was a sum total of the healing journey that made things shift and stick for the first time.

The awakening process can be tedious and slow on its own, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I have found some steps along the way that have created a huge impact on creating lasting shifts.

First, Find the Distractions
Social media, Netflix, and drama, oh my! These distractions are easy and effortless to fall into. The catch is when life gets caught up within these distractions, frustration is always close by. Creating the awareness is only the first step. The next step is to substitute what you want your life to be filled with instead of the distractions.

Second, Know your Big Vision
Healing is critical to uncovering the big vision that will pull you into living the Wild Magical life you desire. When life is being lived without a big vision the pull to get out of distraction is not enough to end the frustration of everyday life. When a vision is pulling you into living fully, the ability to implement all the tools you desire to have in your life then becomes effortless and easy.

Substituting a life of distraction for a life of living a wild magical life!

One of the women that I work with had this to share after only 2 weeks of working together:

If you would have asked me only 2 short weeks ago if I would be currently be enrolled in an online class, starting my own video journaling series – actually recording my first video with an awesome interview, and uploading it on to my new YouTube channel that I have just created….. I would have told you that you were just crazy!
Now I want to tell you that I’m just getting started!
Lownice Hobson, OM Grown Holistic Healing and Health Support

She went from having an idea about what she wanted to do with her life, to having a huge vision to pull her out of the daily frustration and into action. She is no longer distracted by the feelings of feeling lost, but now sees each step clearly to get to her Wild Magical Life!

If you are ready to step into your big vision to be pulled out of frustration, Book a Free 15 Minute session with me now!

During this 15 minute session with me, we will uncover what is holding you hostage. What is keeping you in the frustration and get a clear path of how to get out of that space for good!

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