How do you spend time with the Trees?

Tree time
Take time to be in nature every day. Whatever the weather may be, enjoy it! Step out each day to see and feel how much variation and fun can be discovered. Mother Earth creates each day anew for us to discover and find hidden treasures. Taking the time to establish the ritual of tree time will bring a longing to our children, and us, to stay connected to the Earth. Creating a healing within ourselves and a transformation to Mother Earth.
Mundane to Magical Deck

There is nothing that brings me more happiness than smelling the warming forest floor and connecting the a tree. I know that no matter what is going on in the world, in inside of my own home, a connection to the earth and tree can bring me to the present moment.

Since this card was created I have taken Tree Time quite literally. I actually go and physically touch a tree. I have realized on days that I do not connect physically with the trees my days seem more erratic and I get frustrated so much easier.

Yesterday, the fully moon energy was really getting to me. I could feel emotions brewing in me that have only been coming strong with the full moon each month. So I went to a tree in my front yard and placed my hand on its trunk. I asked the tree if I could release the emotions within me into it. Of course I got a yes. I visualized all my emotions and heaviness going into a tree. I then asked for a renewed since of energy back from the tree. Instantly I got the idea that I needed to go to the beach. I needed to be in the salt water to release the negative energy around me!!!

So of course I packed up and off we went. It was a foggy, cold day at the beach but the kids and I were all at peace. We were all happy, present and connected. Which hasn’t been the energy the past few days. I was so incredibly glad that I took that moment to connect with the tree AND listen to the insight that it gave me.

As crazy as it sounds, finding friends in the trees has created such a beautiful practice for me. I go out and just look around. I feel what tree is calling to me to connect with them that day and take some time to just exchange energy with it.

Do you have any fun rituals that you do with nature?

I would love to hear about it!

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