What are you saying about yourself? (I Am statements)

When you hear the words I AM do they have any impact for you?

These are the 2 most powerful words in the human language. When we say the I AM statement we actually change the course of who we are and where we are going.

How often do we say I AM, followed by exactly what we do not want in our lives.

I am broke.
I am overwhelmed.
I am exhausted.
I am sick.

Every time you say I AM you are literally creating your reality with your words. This is the true magic of our words.

The I AM card in the Mundane to Magical Deck is the most powerful card in my opinion. This is what is states:

I am Magical
I am the creator of my reality
I am powerful beyond understanding
I speak into existence all that I AM
I act, speak and see the thoughts that I CREATE
As I AM, so will I BE

I love this card for so many reasons. The biggest being that however we are acting, is most often the I AM statement that we are repeating to ourselves.

So look at your life and see what your feeling most throughout the day.

If you are feeling overwhelm, chaos and frustration it is most often the I AM statement of
I am so busy.
I am alone in having to get this all done
I am never going to get this all done

If you feel invisible you are most likely saying something similar to these I AM statements
I am not worthy of being special
I am just a mom
I am not able to do what I really want becauseā€¦list all the reasons you keep yourself from living the life you really want
Usually we blame our husbands and children on not living the life we want
If you are ready to change your I AM statements from ones of disempowerment and feeling invisible, lost or overwhelm I would love to have you join in the Sacred Circle with us. This Saturday we will be gathering together, and there is a recording too, to shift our I AM statements so that we can create our magical lives. The lives that we often dream of living but think is impossible.

The Sacred Circle is $13 a month and we meet each new and full moon. This comes out to .41 cents a day! If you are ready to create more meaningful experiences in your life, I would love to have you join us. Be sure to sign up this week so you can attend the Live gathering happening on Saturday. Once you join, you will be added to the Sacred Circle Facebook Group and into the membership site where you will find lots more goodies, plus all the past recordings. I am so excited to have you join in this amazing magical space!

I would also love to hear about your I AM statements. What have they been sounding like lately?

If you are ready to create an I AM statement that fits the life you want to be living, join us in the Sacred Circle.

Peace and Blessings to you,

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