What are we imitating?

I asked my tribe to share with me what was going on with them this past week. Through the responses that I got back, I made some amazing connections to people that are on my email list, that I had never had the honor of actually meeting.

Some of them shared with me how they felt jealous about my posts or blogs. Some Mama’s shared how everything around them is falling apart and they just feel lost and stuck. Some women shared that life was good and they enjoyed being inspired each week by the work I am putting out there. I loved hearing it all. I loved hearing from each and every one of you who responded. If you didn’t respond, I would really love to hear from you!!!

So I want to share that I have the same “problems” as everyone else in my life, BUT the biggest difference in my life is that I have the mindset tools to see them differently!! I see a bill and I feel grateful that I was given the service or trusted to pay back the money. I see my son’s health issues and see it as a way for us to come together as a family. We have taken a big problem and created an entire lifestyle change around it. So this is what I imitate to my children. Life doesn’t give you a problem, without giving you an opportunity to grow, trust and transform through it!

This brings me to our Mundane to Magical Card for the week: Imitation
We learn exclusively through imitation in the first years of our life. Be mindful of what you are teaching your children through your thoughts, actions and words. Create awareness to be an imitator of love, joy, peace and connection.

Why do I bring this up? Because our children imitate the mindset, thoughts and behaviors we share with them.

And we want to make sure that we are modeling aspects that we want imitated. I know this brings up a lot of emotions in people. They don’t want to be responsible for the actions of their children. They want their children to be their own entities when we are talking about parental behavior, and want to be able to control their children when behavior is only looked at through our children.

But we are social beings. And as social beings we imitate each other. For better or worse! The people we hang out with, watch on TV and attract in our lives all have an energy or vibration to them. When we tune into their energy we take on certain aspects of their qualities. If we hang out with someone a lot we begin to merge together. I remember being in middle school and changing my laugh because everyone around me didn’t laugh as loud or as often. (Luckily, I didn’t let that change me for long though 😉

When we see that what surrounds us really does affects us, it makes perfect sense that we learn through imitating what we see and hear around us! If we are not thinking for ourselves then someone is thinking for us (Thank you Michael Beckwith for that quote). If we are not aware, most children are not, of what we are inputting then it just becomes who we are.

The past year I have allowed much more media into my children’s lives and found that their personalities, attitudes and desires actually shifted. I do not tune into mainstream society, so it made me wonder why I was allowing it into my home through children’s shows (which were sometimes worse than I could have ever imagined!!) They trust me to show, guide and lead them into and through this magical world. When I would put something that would show them that they weren’t the empowered, magical beings they knew they were, it would cause them to feel disconnected and agitated!!

So while this is not a post about media influence, it is about imitation. And Media can have profound impacts!! How do you feel after scrolling through your Facebook feed? Have you found that certain shows, programs or channels bring you up or down? What we surround ourselves with, has profound impacts on our behavior, our thoughts and our values!!!

So let’s start focusing on what we do want to Model to our children. What DO you value? What DO you want to BE? Who are you authentically, in your soul?

These questions might seem profound, but they are really quite simple. They allow us to see what truly matters.

Yes, we have to pay the bills, go to work, or create meals throughout the day. But what do you want those experiences to feel like? What do you want those experiences to be worth? Do you want your life to just be about paying the bills? Or do you want to create memories, connection and joy?

There is no right and wrong in these answers. They do need you to answer for you! And then ask your partner. See if you are on the same page, this could be why you haven’t been feeling on the same page!

So pick your values, feelings and way of being. Start practicing those so that your children can start imitating those.

Need an example? Having trouble putting this into practice or knowing what step to take? Let me know!

If you missed the Live Q & A last night, the replay is up in the Magical Mothering Facebook Group!

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