I have pushed myself to the brink…

Have you ever done that? Have you ever had so many amazing things going on that you just do them all? Then when you finally look back, you see you have created a total whirlwind for yourself.

I did this, this past week. Not only did I run my second week of Forest School, but I also visited an aquarium, went to the local fair, worked on my house, celebrated my husbands birthday and stayed up each night to connect with my hubby.

I am tried. I am worn out. Yet, I am now feeling the need to play catch up.

Why do we do this?

As Mom’s so often we are trying to create experiences instead of just BEING.

The Mundane to Magical Card for the week is: Inspire
Inspiration comes from being in spirit. Connect with the divine on a daily basis so you can live inspired to speak, act and think with more awareness and mindfulness. Seeking the divine can be in the mundane moments as long as we are simply BEING. There is nothing that has to be said or done expect being open to connect. Ask for inspiration in moments of frustration, anger or intense emotions. Spirit is always ready to give freely and in more ways than we can imagine. Seek inspiration often and you will live in the spirit.

This card could not have come at a better time. I needed to hear to just BE. I will be taking the next week to create, connect and listen. As I prepare to lead a free Dragon Taming workshop next week and am so excited. This will be a time to dive deeply into our inner worlds. Will you join me in creating this space to just BE?

This card is not about me giving you steps or actions this week. It is all about you taking the time to create the space to BE. When you are truly present you can become inspired, which literally means “to be in spirit.” When we are present we can know that we are truly connected to the divine.

I will be releasing a 7 day Dragon Taming Challenge on Wednesday, to lead us all up to the Free Dragon Taming workshop next Week. I will be sending out a short video and workbook to go with the challenge and would love to have you join in on the fun and transformation! If you are not on the email list, just let me know so you can get all the goodies!

Sending you off to BE and live an inspired life!

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