Involve…how to pull your children into your world.

There are moments in time when all I want to do is what I want to do. Then this card slips into my mind:
Involve (From the Mundane to Magical Deck)

Children long to be involved deeply with us. Seeing all that it takes to create a healthy, functioning home naturally leads to wanting to be a part of the team. Create opportunities for even the smallest child to be a part of the household, so that they can feel involved. When children are able to be a part of their environment they respect, honor and have more gratitude for their life.

Yes, it might make more of a mess. Yes, it might take longer. Yes, it might take you more time to clean up then not doing it. Yes, it might make your connection stronger. Yes, it might be something they enjoy doing and helping with as they get older. Yes, they will feel like their home is theirs as well. Yes, they will see the care and love you put into everything you do because they will be right next to you.

There are some things I prefer to do alone. Like the dishes. But when my children ask if they can help, I always say yes!! Always accept help, because while it may not feel very helpful when they are 2, it will be very helpful when they are 6. My kids offer to sweep, clean, cook and help out throughout the day. They were an important aspect to the house and everything that goes into it from the beginning of their lives.

I do not make them do it though. If they want to help I accept their help. If I need help with something I will ask for their help, but they can say no.

When house love (ie: chores or house care) is done with gratitude and a feeling of great appreciation, children naturally want to be a part of it. They see the joy and fun in it.

What have you noticed that your children enjoy being a part of?

What can you cultivate within your children to help them be a part of your home?

What feels hard about this for you?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

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