Magical Mondays

Today was the first official Magical Monday in my life. What is that?, you ask. I will tell you. Today being leap year I really felt the pull that today was special. It is a day that only comes every 4 years and it is special. We get an opportunity to see that we do get more time, space, freedom to celebrate. So instead of doing the laundry today, my kids and I spent most of the day playing in the forest. I built a giant lean-to and my kids played in the trees and the meadow. We then went over to their little houses in the other part of the forest and had a picnic lunch and enjoyed the sun. It really was magical. It was a time of BEING. I love that space. So I will continue this ritual of every Monday having the Magical Monday intention. To focus on Being and finding all the magic that is hidden within the day!

When we got home though, I found myself in a power struggle with my son about getting up to get pineapple rings. As I was in the midst of it all, I found myself thinking that I am teaching him about independence and the need to get things for himself. Then I realized that was my ego speaking. My EGO, or edging God out, is always trying to teach someone else a lesson or try and control the situation. This is not my definition of connection. This lasted a couple minutes and then I remembered that my only goal is keep my heart open to love and to seek connection always. When I remembered these two aspects I asked him if he still wanted a pineapple ring getting him the bowl of them. He said no I actually want frozen blueberries. I began to laugh. He began to laugh. It was a silly display of me trying to control the situation and dominate as the parent.

I am still unlearning the “rules” that we as parents think we have to play. I am not interested in dominating, controlling or getting my children to “do” anything. The amazing thing is, my kids want to make me happy. This is true of all children. They want to please. That is why babies love to make you laugh by being so silly! That being said, popular culture and the way I was raised was that the adults were always right. I don’t play by those rules anymore. I know now that my parents were always trying their best, but I am not interested in my kids thinking that just because they are small they don’t have a right to speak up.

This is also a big confidence crusher for children. When I remember that my kids are whole and unique just as they are at 3 and 4, this helps me realize that they can be MY greatest teachers. When I have the eyes to see they teach me so many things everyday.

They teach me how to:
love unconditionally
have complete faith
to be in the moment
to create with passion
to live authentically
to express their feelings fully

and so much more. Each day is a gift to us as magical mothers to learn these aspects of life. Remembering who we really are. You are a unique, magnificent being here for a very special reason and to bring your unique gifts and talents into the world. Stripping away the social and generational themes of how to raise children that no longer serve us, requires being vigilant and aware of our thoughts, words and actions. Let us begin the magical mothering movement now! Let us reclaim that we, from the smallest baby to the oldest being, are all unique and amazing. Let us awaken to always choosing love and to seek connection.


The card that spoke most profoundly to me about this whole situation was the Empower card. It states
The only way to teach empowerment to our children is for us to be empowered. Be the radiant light that emanates from within. Feeling confidant by releasing all judgements and expectations. Create the space to allow the deepest desires within to be sought after. Allow the truth and purpose that was born within to take root and bloom brightly. Only through imitation will children learn what it means to be empowered. BE the guide, living and shining your light brightly.

As I remembered that I was to empower through my own confidence I was able to release all need to control the situation. Allowing love to reign freely.

Where do you need to be empowered?
In what situation do you need to let go of judgement or expectations so that you can love and live fully?

In love and gratitude,

Stephanie is a Magical Mothering Mentor helping women create their most magical lives. She helps women see where they can transform the chaos of their lives into more magical moments through simple yet profound mindset shifts. To order your own set of Mundane to Magical Cards please visit


  1. Rev. Kimberly McGinnis - March 1, 2016 @ 4:32 am

    Beautiful Stephanie! <3

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