Results women got in just 90 days!!!

- Started a business from scratch AND are attracting ideal clients
- Able to speak their truth and BE themselves not just at home but at work
- Sharing their story from a place of empowerment rather than the victim
- Not having others emotions run their lives
- Healing their value and worthiness restored
- Not feeling the need to drink, smoke or distract themselves from life
- Using their time more wisely
- More freedom to do things they have always wanted to do
- Having more energy to take care of not just their families, but themselves AND clients they have always dreamed of having!


These are just some of the results!!!

90 Days to Remembering Your Magical Self gives tools, action steps, support, healing and a way to find your higher self. So you can finally live the life you have never allowed yourself to dream!

Before I started Stephanie’s group program, I never thought I would experience true relief from my depression. I struggled with self loathing and thoughts of suicide almost daily. I blamed everyone around me and expected them to change for me while resenting them for asking me to change (if ever they did).

In the program, Stephanie showed all of us tools to use to take back our power. Through her loving advice and belief in me I saw that if I focused on changing the only person I could change (me), everhthing else would fall into place.

Even though the program was done as a group, we each got the attention we needed to create the changes we wanted in our lives. And we all got to experience the others moving forward and that gave me personally the strength to keep pushing forward even when I would get discouraged.

Also during the program, Stephanie helped me find creative ways to use my gifts to support myself and my children regardless of any other circumstance in my life. I have had so much fun putting them into place which is a huge relief from the debilitating anxiety I used to experience when thinking of creating a business of my own. I also get more done in the day because I can remain focused on my goals rather than being side-lined by my emotions.

Speaking of emotions brings me back to the chronic depression I have had my whole life. It is finally something that no longer has control of me. I finally believe that through the use of the tools Stephanie taught me, I will one day be rid of the depression. It feels amazing to finally fall in love with myself and believe in the possibility of my future.

I used to give up on myself in the middle of programs. This one was so different that I kept going. Stephanie’s program is creative and playful and therefore so much fun! I have even enjoyed teaching my young children the tools I have learned.

My entire life has changed and I am eternally grateful to Stephanie and her coaching!


Elizabeth “Etsy” Hancock

I will start by admitting that for a long, long time, I had been very stuck in my fears. This goal that I set was such a stretch for me, at first I did not believe I could do it.
I came across a product that could help people heal, and people who needed healing were brought into my path as well. I spoke to Stephanie about it, and shared the excitement of an opportunity to help a few people. But, I remember saying these exact words, "I just want to help people, I don't want to make a business out of it or anything..."
Now enter Stephanie's words, " I don't know about that!" as she flashed me her magical smile with a sparkle in her knowing eyes.
Since then, I became a part of the New Year New You group program. Seriously, everything has changed since that moment. (and it has only been 2 months!)
Not only do I have a Clear Vision of my dreams, I am stepping in to the powerful, confident, wild, sexy, magical goddess that I AM and taking real action steps towards manifesting my magical life.
I didn't have money to invest into a business. My family was barely making our bills! And to top that off, I have a minimum $500 order to be able to access the product I would like to sell. That almost defeated me immediately. But now, there was a bigger picture, and this was a part of my bigger dream. I was already helping people, and I couldn't quit on them just because I was afraid. So, I took the biggest step of my life and wrote down this goal with my intention to fulfill it.
I would like to share with you all that I have just received my first product order! Not only that, but I managed to manifest that first order to actually be TRIPLE the minimum order!

Just two short months ago, I was seriously stuck in the overwhelm. Now I finally feel myself blooming. 🌻🌼🏵

I am incredibly grateful for Stephanie, the Magical Mothering group, and my supportive group of sisters in the Remembering Your Magical Self program.

Blessings to you all 💖💖💖

I encourage you to step out of your fears and open yourself to the abundance that awaits you!

Lownice Hobson, Om Grown Holistics

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