90 Days to Remembering Your Magical Self

This program will radically shift your reality into creating a mindset that supports your biggest desires!

90 Days to Remembering Your Magical Self is a personalized group program to help women become their higher selves.

  • Deep Dive into healing past traumas, experiences, and pain
  • Find Your Soul's Calling
  • Reprogram your mindset towards freedom, peace, and manifesting
  • Radically transform your current life circumstances

Bonus Courses Included

Discover Your Rhythm Course- $297 Value

Invisible to Empowered Course- $997 Value

Sacred Circle Gatherings- $397 Value

Creating Your Magical Life Sessions- $197 Value

Over $1900 Value in Bonus Courses ALL Included!!

Complete Weekly Overview


Take Charge of Your Emotions

  • Take back your power by being in control over your emotions
  • Stop being controlled by outside circumstances
  • Create peace within in any situation
  • Discover how to stop absorbing others emotions around you

Manifest Your Desires

  • Destroy expectations to end disappointment by others and yourself
  • Reveal the Hidden Fear that is sabotaging everything you truly desire
  • Meet your Inner child to find your real needs beneath the sabotage
  • Use Tapping (EFT) to Shatter the Mirror that is reflected to us by our inner struggles

Awakening to Abundance

  • Kill the Money Monster that keeps you in financial struggle
  • Meet your Money Honey to discover unconditional love and acceptance
  • Heal your Sacral Chakra to awaken your intuition and abundance
  • Travel into your womb to heal sexual/ birth traumas that are hidden deep within

Getting to the Heart of the Issue

  • Heal every broken heart you have ever experienced by re-breaking your heart
  • Uncover what is causing your deep sadness
  • Connect with your Higher Self with an open and whole heart
  • Pour love into your inner child giving yourself the love you have always wanted

Live your purpose, Heal Your Vision

  • Find your Life's Purpose
  • Heal your Vision (third eye chakra) to clearly see your soul's path
  • Receive guidance and clarity from your higher self
  • Create do able action steps to live out your Soul's Calling

Who do you need to Become?

  • Use a powerful technique to instantly shift your energy level and your mood
  • Discover the power, knowing, and intuition waiting within
  • Develop deeply healing rituals to become your higher self
  • Find the triggers that will pull you away from your higher self AND how to change them

Healing to Take Back Your Life

  • Experience how you make choices by thinking vs feeling
  • Become the Hero in your Personal Life Story (Instead of the victim)
  • Take back your wholeness, to feel empowered and confident
  • Learn a unique practice to transform the negative little voices for good

Confidence to Create

  • Discover the Fear that is keeping you from feeling SAFE
  • Learn the signs to an unbalanced/ closed Root Chakra
  • Discover when and why you began to lack confidence
  • Healing the Root cause of the lack of confidence through Inner Child Hypnosis

Reclaiming Your Power

  • Find the FEAR that keeps you from claiming your Power
  • Discover the blocks within your Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Heal Your solar plexus by cutting cords to people, places, and experiences
  • Learn how to Never give away your power again

Communicating to Speak YOUR Truth

  • Learn how to speak to ONLY get what you WANT
  • Uncover the blocks that have you holding back your truth
  • Healing our ability to receive so you can MANIFEST your desires
  • Use Tapping (EFT) to reprogram our thoughts to be able to ALWAYS speak our truth

Knowing the Value of Your Gifts

  • Discover what are your true gifts, talents and abilities
  • Learn how to use your gifts to create financial freedom
  • Discover the benefits that you came to serve those that are waiting for your gifts
  • Find what will light you up, feel inspired, and live feeling on fire

Being Your Magical Mother to Transform Your Choices

  • See what your true self is underneath your thoughts
  • See through the eyes of your higher self and what life is like whole
  • Become your Higher Self (Hypnosis)
  • Reprogram your thoughts to ONLY make choices that will bring you closer to your Soul's Calling (Purpose)
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