Magical Mothering Method

This proven method helps moms:

* End overwhelm with The Energized Mom- Rhythm Tracking System. I'll show you 3 ways to track your day without feeling swamped, honoring your secret rhythms so you don't get zapped or exhausted.

* Learn the Mommy Recharge Tricks that allow you feel yourself as vital, sexy, and available again, even in the midst of a busy day.

* Escape Mommy Guilty-Frustration Syndrome with some simple freedom and forgiveness techniques that let you off the hook and hand you your confidence back.

* Open the happy pleasure mama channel again with fun techniques that remind you you’re still alive!

* SpiritMama rituals that keep you connected to your spirit as you walk through some of the most challenging and amazing days of your life, raising kiddos!

* Utilize your own Inner Child to be a better mom, while clearing you of exhaustion, sadness, and resentment that isn't really yours to hold.

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* Learn easy to implement rituals to increase their energy

* Get to the source of their anxiety to reduce it so it no longer keeping them paralyzed throughout the day.

* Create systems that take the guilt cycle out of the day reducing the regret and negative mental playbacks!

*No longer run to a bottle of wine to try and relax at the end the day but have luxurious ME time!

*Implement easy and supportive tools to get rid of power struggles, yelling and tantrums (for them and their children)

*Learn effective practices to get better sleep and feel more rested!



How often do you go about your day just wishing someone could tell what to do?

So you could stop worrying
End the fear that keeps you in control mode
Finally feel something other than guilt and regret.

Well you can!
She is already inside of you waiting to lead, guide and instruct you.

Do you know why you can’t hear her?
Because you have an inner child that is yelling, throwing tantrums and sabotaging everything you actually want in life because they aren’t being heard and acknowledged.

Want to learn how to listen to both so you can finally have the magical life you see so many other people leading?
Here is your opportunity!

All of these results can be yours! Are you ready to stop living in a mommy nightmare and step into the Magical Mothering Method?

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(You will be booking a 15 minute call with me to see if the Magical Mothering Method is a good fit for you)

Don't believe this is possible for your life? 

Check out what these mom's had to say after working with Stephanie!

I had the privilege of Stephanie mentoring me in her Magical Mothering program recently, and it was truly an eye-opening and empowering experience. Her guidance, enlightening seasonal workbooks, and encouragement allowed me to shift my mindset with my children into being more positive and present. I still refer back to her words of wisdom when I need a refresher to get through challenging times.
I am so thankful that I met Stephanie! She is a shining light on the journey of motherhood! Her love for fostering a supportive community of women coming alongside each other is so uplifting and I highly recommend her Magical Mothering program and materials to any mama that is seeking a closer, more joyful life with her children, husband, and home. Vanessa Silversmith

Hello Stephanie!! How are you? I have been procrastinating, but I really wanted to message you, and tell you how much you helped me find myself, it has been so much easier to express myself when there is something I don't like, and it feels so good! / LOL
So again thank you so much!!
Well, thank you so much, and hope to see you soon Gabriella

Just want to share that I was searching for support in my efforts to stop containing and controlling myself in order to fit some idea of my role in life so that I could go back to living authentically and relaxing the "should" feelings that trapped me. Finding this group (even just the name! 😍) was a catalyst so that I could get support in what I'd been trying to change for several years. ❤️ I feel so thankful to be here and really grateful for effective coaching through the one-one help too. Emily Hidalgo