Now is the time

Remember Your MAGICAL Self to

LIVE Your Soul's PURPOSE!!!


What does healing mean to you?

Healing to me, means being able to make choices that are moving you towards the magical life that is often far off from what everyday life is now.

Healing is a deeply personal and sacred experience. Each person has truama, pain, experiences, and circumstances that make their journey radically unique.

Healing to wholeness doens't dwell on those aspects though but creates a way to move through all of those issues so that you can begin focusing on what you DO desire and create a clear action plan that will guide you into the magical life, step by step.


Becoming Your Magical Mother will bring you into a deep desire and fuel you into creating a way to share your purpose. Whether this is creating your own business, integrating it into your current curcumstances, or seeing how a life change will help propel your soul. Each of these will require creating a unique game plan, healing the deep rooted fears that have held you hostage and stuck in the past, and learning new coping skills to handle life when it begins to feel like old habits are returning.

Through the coaching sessions, multiple types of modalities will be implamented including but not limited to Hypnosis, shamanic practices, EFT, NLP, inner child work, working with your higher self and learning various energy healing practices.

Benefits you will receive from these sessions:

  • End the emotional rollercoaster (You will actually be able to have a converstation without the tears coming into play)

  • Heal years of guilt, shame, and frustration that disguise themselves as anxiety, depression, and anger

  • Communicate your alternative lifestyle desires with passion AND clarity

  • Create a clear doable action plan to manifest your Wild Magical Life

  • Maintain energy, excitement, and more time to LIVE the life you desire


One-on-One Individualized Sessions

Weekly Personalized sessions with coaching, healing and Mentoring to get you into your dream life and in action fast!

Bonus' Include:

Complete 90 Days to Remember Your Magical Self group recordings $997 Value

Discover Your Rhythm Journey $297 Value

Invisible to Empowered Program $497 Value

All past recordings of the Sacred Circle $197 Value

All past recordings of the Creating Your Magical Life Sisterhood $197 Value


Want a Private Retreat Experience?

During this Full day VIMM (Very Important Magical Mother) Session  you will create deep healing, connection, and walk away with a clear action plan for continuing to implament a new way of living!

Benefits you will receive from this Full Day Retreat Experience:

Reconnect to childlike joy and energy!

Discover Your Soul's purpose AND an action plan to make it happen (without the overwhelm)


Healing Sessions:

Release years of guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, and the emotional rollercoaster

Heal self sabotaging behaviors that have kept you from manifesting in the past

Remove the memories/ trauma from the body with Body work and Shamaic Journeying


1 Full Day of Healing and Mentoring with Stephanie