Out of the comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I actually saw this on a billboard as I was driving home at 11pm last night. It portrayed the whole of the weekend perfectly.

I had an amazing time housesitting for my mom in Acton. While I was driving there my intentions for the weekend completely changed then when I originally packed my bags. I was loaded up with a brand new journal, my books for study which included: A course in miracles, Sacred Contracts, Anatomy of the sprit and The one minute Millionaire. On the hour or so drive there I was struck with the thought that I was to do nothing there. Luckily, I had an entire hour to fight the voice in my head, and spirit won.


I began the weekend with BEING. I set the intention that I would do no reading, studying or busyness. I would simply be present to the moment. It was wonderful, yet so much more difficult than I expected. I realized that even reading is a media outlet. We often just think of radio, internet, tv and phones as media, but books are a time sucker as well. We pour ourselves into a book and drown out our own intuitive voice inside. I will say that books are magical because they help us learn lifetimes in hours and give us alternative ways to process, but I also need time to just BE. In the moment. In life.

So that is what I did. I swam and played in the jacuzzi with my kids, I created a whole outline for my upcoming program that will be starting in May. I was able to create songs, a story and a fairy treasure hunt for Spring Equinox festival this weekend. All while BEING. I was amazed at how much insight and pure pleasure I had “doing” nothing.

Through this experience I have a new ritual. Once a week I will take 24 hours off from media. All outside influences, listening to the divine leading my life. Sacred space can be created at anytime and anywhere. There is nothing special that has to be put into place. Only the willingness to let go of all else and BE present to the gift of life.

I brought my magical mothering deck with me and with my intentions of just being I choose 3 cards to focus on while I was away.  I found it amazing that the cards that I picked had such a profound impact on me.IMG_2285

I choose:

Mealtimes: Meals are a time of rest and rejuvenation. Create rituals with meals that foster connection, healing and gratitude many times a day. Sit down to eat together, as often as possible, taking the time to eat with your children so that you are fed and stay nourished. Light a candle, say a blessing and stay aware of the conversation so that peace is always being served.

Being Space: Simply be with your children. Allow this time to be lead by the imagination of your child. Be silly, fun and allow for them to transform the present moment into one of imagination and magic! Take time each day to put this ritual into practice.

Creating Memories: Creating a memory happens when we are fully aware of the gift of the present moment. Simply being and letting go of all future and past distractions. Memories are infused with not just the actions, but the sights, sounds, and emotions of the experience. Go throughout the day knowing that memories are being created. Infuse them with equanimity, love, joy and peace.

I am so grateful for these daily reminders to implement the lessons I am being guided to learn in my mothering. Are you interested in your own deck of Mundane to Magical Cards? Simply click on the transformational products tab 😉

Peacefully in the moment,


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