Baking Peace Pie

Baking Peace Pie

Today was a day filled with peace. Mainly because we were all doing what we love to do. Being outside, picking apples, enjoying the moment and not feeling the need to do anything else except what we were doing. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

So today I got to just be, picking apples, baking pies and making apple sauce. All while softly humming and singing to myself. I realized I felt like I was in the exact space, at the exact time, and I created it.img_1544

I have felt like I have been pushing, hustling, trying off and on for the past 2 years. I realized what was different today. I pushed through the fear that I had been feeling for so long about creating this membership site and aligning with what I have been feeling called to do for almost 2 years!! It has felt like something was out of place in my life and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then I launched the Magical Mothering Sacred Circle and peace washed over me. Literally just like that. I am in awe. I feel compelled to act, do or say something out of pure intuition. But this one was big. The whole aspect of having the sacred circle took a lot of learning, a lot of trusting and a lot of getting my feelings of worthiness in check.

I had to do a lot of inner work on this space, the magical mothering sacred circle, and realizing it is not about me. It includes me, but it is NOT about me. I am simply the holder of the space, I am simply a channel for the information to travel. This Sacred Circle is about each and every women that resonates with this offering.

The passion that pours out of me trying to convey the joy that is pouring from me is indescribable. I want to shout from the rooftops about how excited I am to finally have women in my life who are ready to explore, go deeper and share in this amazing magical journey in a way that I have never experienced before! But rooftops on the top of a mountain don’t go very far. Especially when you only have 5 neighbors ha ha. So to the blog page I have come. To express my deep gratitude, to shout from the virtual rooftops, to share my joy and my offerings!
This journey of mothering can be very lonely, but it can also challenge each of us to think outside of the box. To think about life in a way that is possible even with babies and little ones hanging off of us every second of the day. It is possible to live a magical life, and after today I truly felt the peace that comes from living a life with passion, on purpose and being scared as hell stepping out my comfort zone time and time again.

So thank you for being on this magical journey with me. Thank you for your sharing your life with me. Thank for your time. Thank you for your support. It is because of you, yes you, reading this all the way to the end that I do what I do every day! It is to connect with you. In this moment and to share my joy and peace with you. If I can be in this space, then so can you. Come follow me on this magical road and let’s see where it takes us, together.

Pouring peace and joy into every fiber of your being!

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