What kind of a mirror are you?

I was working in the yard today, and I was covered in dirt literally from head to toe! While I was hefting rocks, pushing dirt and loading up all the pine needles, I saw my kids playing happily also getting equally dirty.

It was perfect to have the reflect card come up for this weeks Mundane to Magical card!

Children reflect what they are shown, like a mirror. The only way of true learning is leading by example. Our children will then be able to imitate our behaviors allowing us to have a true reflection of what they are seeing. Awareness of our thoughts, which create our words, beliefs, and actions, creates the biggest impact on how we guide with our behaviors. Seeing what our children mirror back to us, helps us constantly create an atmosphere of deeper reflection and awareness.

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I use my children’s behavior as a gauge for so many of our interactions. Yet it is a learned science. We as mothers know when their behavior is being influenced by being hungry, tired or overwhelmed (overstimulated). Then we also have the way that our children our mirroring their experiences. We often can feel when our frustration, anxiety or stress causing our kids to equally freak out.

Have you ever tried getting out of the house in a rush and your kids start freaking out, making it take even longer? They are simply mirroring the energy you are giving out. They are not always able to control their emotions once we send out those types of vibes. Yes our vibrations that we emit are very real, and science has proved them. What vibes are you sending that are getting mirrored back to you?

I know when I am feeling overwhelmed, not working on my inner work consistently when my kids start giving me attitude or are reacting with anger right away. Did you know that you had this much influence on your child/ren?

One of the magical mothers in the Facebook group, Jennifer Griffin, has written an amazing book diving even deeper into this aspect. For more information on the book you can check it out on Amazon.

So while we are noticing our child’s behavior, often because it is louder and more apparent, we can also start to notice the feelings that are coming up within ourselves. Whenever we are feeling angry, hurt, sad or disappointed, these are not bad or wrong feelings. We want to have the patience to bring mindfulness into these feelings. This way no matter what we are feeling we will be fully present and allow for them to be fully felt, so they can flow through us. We do not need to be holding onto these feelings and permeating them into other areas of our lives. Let us feel deeply, in the moment and with mindfulness so that we can release and be ready for whatever the new moments bring into our lives.

Love to each of you and happy mirroring!


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