Seek connection to transform unwanted behavior!

Tired of your child not listening? Unwanted behavior issues keep rearing their little heads in your life??

The most amazing and easiest way to heal and treat unwanted behavior is through seeking connection.
Mundane to Magical Card: Seek Connection
All behavior is fulfilling or trying to fulfill a need. Awareness of this creates the ability to always seek connection. Our mission as a parent is to always, and in all ways, provide and create a way for our children to connect to us, nature and others. Giving them the opportunities to create connection to fulfill their needs will always bring peace, joy and love to the situation. Instead of pushing away the behavior that is unwanted, pull in the child and fill them with love, attention and connection.

When we truly pay attention to our children’s needs and listen to what they are trying to communicate with us, most behavioral issues will dissolve seemingly right before your eyes. It does take putting your ego, of getting your way, to the side for a moment and realizing that connecting is THE MOST IMPORTANT COMPONENT in your mothering experience.

Without connection, we literally die. Without the space to feel heard, loved and honored our life fades and becomes dull. We seek out ways to get heard, felt and understood. Your child only has you right now. We want them to know that they are vital to us, they are treasured. So in taking a moment to truly connect, listen and just be with them no matter what we are able show them what life is really all about.

Unwanted behavior that is simply the only way your child knows how to get what they need, will dissolve when we truly give them our full attention, our full love and the awareness that we care deeply. Even if they don’t get what they ‘think’ they need, the connection given will fill them fuller then you could ever imagine.

Practical Steps for transforming unwanted behavior to seeking connection
Look for the underlying need that is not being expressed
Turn your ego off, it is not about you being right in this moment. It is about connecting and fulfilling a much deeper need than what appears on the surface.
Just be, with your feelings, their feelings and allow for the moment to be all that their is.
When you are completely immersed in the moment, pour all your love into the being in front of you. Really pour your attention into them, fully.

Just the intention of you being present, fully available and pouring your love into them will transform any situation!

I would love to hear how this works, or doesn’t for you. If you have any experiences come up this week, with specifics I would love to dive into your situation and dissect it!!

Love to you amazing mama!!

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