How will you light up the world?

As the sun begins to stay longer in the sky, extending the days, we may still be recovering from all the darkness. This is where our spiritual practice comes into play. On the dark days when we are too tired, don’t want to or just want to hide out, this is when shining our light from within will create the most transformation in our lives.

We have created a culture and live in a society that is all for one, ourselves. We have created a culture of separation and often feel a huge lack of support. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We can realize that we have the biggest support team, the entire universe, God, the angles, our ancestors and so many more magical and wonderful things just waiting to help support and encourage us.

Only in this time of our history have so many people lacked connection with source energy. This is most easily and vitally found through nature. When we decided to build boxes around ourselves and stay really comfortable we lost sight of how we get refilled the fastest and stay connected to our inspiration (in spirit) the most! Through Nature, mediation, movement and play. But more than doing any of those things, is being present through those actions.

The Mundane to magical Card of Shining Our Light says
Each of us has a unique light to shine to help serve the world with our brilliance. Children naturally shine their lights brightly, and as their guides we want to empower, encourage and help give them opportunities to shine their unique gifts and talents to the world. Create space to develop and seek your unique gifts and talents. Be the light in your home, illuminating it with love, peace and joy.

When you are feeling like something is just missing and there is a bit of feeling lost, most likely you have let your light get hidden behind a bunch of beliefs that someone else placed in your life, and have been accepting as your own.

It is your choice now.
What beliefs are holding you back from living a life that is filled with passion and inspiration?
What aspects of yourself are you hiding because you always got in trouble from them?
What parts of you do you hide now because you don’t think anyone will like them?

Do you see where I am going with this?

So often we hide our light because it made others so uncomfortable with their own hidden lights. So with children we often make them turn theirs off, because it hurts us so much because we don’t allow ourselves to shine brightly anymore!!!

Is this making sense?

So start peeling away the beliefs that are holding you back from truly revealing your amazingness! Start by remembering key aspects of yourself when you were a little girl.
What did you do that made you light up, but you were told was naughty or not what little girls did?

How often when you were having the time of your life, did you get yelled at?

How often do you do this to your own children?

I catch myself when my kids are lost in play and making a huge mess! I continue to catch myself and am learning to let their play create whatever it is, but they get to help clean up before we move onto a completely different activity.

Observe where you block not just your own light but those around you. Allow for the beautiful lights that shine around you light up the world that is being lost in the belief of darkness.

What amazing light are you ready to shine? What unique and brilliant aspect are you going to shine into the world??

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