The easy fix to always feeling in chaos

The Mundane to Magical Card of Simplicity.

Creating a life of simplicity will make space for more peace, joy and imagination. Our physical space mirrors our mental space, so if there is clutter and overwhelm begin to clear the physical space and the mental space will clear. Simplifying play is vital to the imaginations of our children. Find and create opportunities to be in nature, using only what is provided by nature to cultivate and harvest imaginative play! Living simply uses modern convenience and nature elements to create balance and productivity.

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Over the weekend, my son turned 5. It was 5 full days of excitement, gifts and surprises for all of us. My husband just happened to be able to bring home a swing set, then he found got a drum kit. We then left for a 2 day beach camping trip. My parents, my in laws and my aunt were able to come and play for a wonderful celebration. Then when we returned my son got a power wheels and baby chicks!!

This celebration was anything but simple!!!

So I find this card amusing and perfect, just as they are each week.

This weekend had so much going on, but while at the beach, it was very much about being. It was very much about sitting in the sand, running from the waves, and ending the night watching a beautiful flickering fire. That was so perfectly simple.

On the second day we found a beautiful sea cave that lead out of tunnel. The kids wanted to just sit and be in awe for a long while at the wonder of the ocean. That is simple.

As adults we often get caught up in the gifts, giving and all the stuff, when really it is nature, connection and being that will create deep happiness and a life of peace.

I love simplicity! I was raised in the city and was always so overwhelmed by all the Jones’, the parties, and the stuff. I moved up to a mountain community where I met my husband. We then decided to have a child. It was so simple.

We then started dreaming of living full time in an RV. We craved simplicity. But it wasn’t all so simple. We did eventually sell of everything that wouldn’t fit inside of a travel trailer and lived in our trailer for almost a full year. What is funny to me, is my husband decided to start buying storage auctions during this time. Stuff, lots and lots of stuff, started to come into our lives. It was chaotic to me. But this was one of his dreams so, he dove full time into this as his profession.

I enjoyed the ease of not having to ever go shopping, getting more than I could have ever expected in craft supplies, but it was overwhelming.

It was not simple. It was messy, dirty and often just a bunch of junk.

Are you looking at life as experiences or accumulating stuff??

4 Steps to Creating a more simple life:
Go through each room of the house and box up what you have not used in the past year.
Take your clothing and leave only the seasonal items and 1 weeks worth in the drawers. This will help with laundry and overwhelm.
Go through your kids toys and leave out 10 items to play with (blocks and legos count as one)
Go through your pantry and through out any outdated, old and foods you no longer eat. Then only buy what is on your weekly meal plan for 1 month!
It creates a huge difference as to the quality of life and the joy that is experienced.
I would love to know your thoughts on what a simple life looks like to you, and how you are getting to that dream.

Signing off with magic and fairy dust….

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