Who’s truth are you speaking?

As we walk our path in life as women and mothers, there is always something that pushes us to growing, evolving, learning and connecting. Through these experience hopefully we are learning more of who WE are authentically and what we truly desire in our lives. But sometimes on the journey we begin to speak someone else’s truth. This is fine to do while we are learning about something, but we need to consistently reflect to make sure that it is in true alignment with our own authentic vision for ourselves.

The card for this week is Speak Your Truth.

Awareness of who you are at a deep level resonates to your children. As you speak your truth, trust your uniqueness and live your purpose you change the world you live in. You empower your children to live the unique expressions that they are. Speak with love, kindness and non judgement. Always allowing your truth to be an expression of who you are, without needing to defend, argue or persuade anyone else to your beliefs. Live your truth so words become unnecessary.

We can believe whatever we want, but sometimes what we believe makes us so miserable it might be time to look at that belief. If you are constantly arguing or “fighting” for your beliefs you are not convincing anyone, especially yourself. So the biggest aspect of this is not trying to convince anyone of your beliefs, whether it be Magical Mothering, unschooling, waldorf, dietary changes, but actually embodying those beliefs so when you do speak about them your actions can back up what are you talking about.

It is Vital to be in alignment with what you are speaking and doing. When we are doing actions, like yelling or controlling those around us, yet speaking of gentle parenting and “trying to get it” there is a big space that is not in alignment. This does not mean that we will never mess up, but it does mean that we don’t just say sorry all the time and then keep doing the behavior over and over. This is where support comes in. I have had to do this in my business, in learning new parenting skills and in my connection with spirit.

Support can come in many forms, but there is a time that it is needed to create real lasting change. We can do it on our own, but sometimes that can take years. I took years to embody my practice that I now have, and yet I know that it can start having drastic changes for the women in work with in as little as few months!

Let us BE the embodied versions of our truth. So when we speak we are being completely grounded in our actions.

I keep thinking about this in terms of planting seeds. We can either plant seeds of fear, control and pride or we Can plant seeds of love, allowing and Being. These will create completely different realities for us and our children. Which do you want to be planting? What are you actively doing to plant the seeds that you want to be seeing come into bloom into your life?

How can I support you, encourage you and help you create these seeds of thought that will turn into your speaking your truth?

Love to you Magical Mama!!


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