Supermoon to the Rescue!!

We headed back out the desert to watch the Amazing Super Bloodmoon and eclipse!

Did you get to see the supermoon or eclipse?

We are being in the moment and staying in the adventure of all that the present moment is offering us. And this moon/eclipse was a moment that couldn’t be passed up.
I have to be honest though, we almost didn’t make it to a camping spot at all.
We wanted to camp in a spot that we found the previous day, but by the time we made it out to the desert it was dark. I had all sorts of ideas of opening sacred space to bless the travels and adventures we are starting. So when we arrived with no safe way to venture in I felt the anxiety begin to rise within me.
Then the kids started in about how they were tired, hungry and just wanted to go home. And mind you we had just eaten and only been in the car about 45 minutes.
Instantly thoughts of “how in the world are we supposed to travel full time if we can’t even go to our local desert” began to pop into my head at a very rapid rate.
The words “fine, let us just go home” “this is exhausting” “I just don’t have the energy to think anymore” came out of my mouth a few times. Funny enough I just did a facebook live that day about frustration. We always teach what we need most!
But luckily, Travis held it together for all of us!
We decided to go to a completely different campground about an hour further away. The kids fell asleep instantly, they were indeed very tired, and the ride was pleasant. My anxiety disappeared and I was able to be in the present moment again.
We got to the campground at about 9pm, set up our tipi and placed 2 sleepy kids into their sleeping bags. Travis and I finished setting up camp and triple checked our alarms before heading to bed ourselves.
At 2:50, my eyes popped open and I was wide awake. Here we go!! I was excited to finally be able to see an eclipse, not blocked by trees, mountains, and other peoples houses.
I had told my son, Zion, that we would be waking up early to watch the moon, and after accidentally stepping on his foot, he was awake with us the rest of the morning!
Watching the sun darken, I felt pulled to take a closer look at the darkness that was hiding within myself. My disappointment, feeling like a failure, shame, guilt, control and so much more rose to the surface. But rather than turning away from them, I stepped into owning those aspects of myself. Seeing how they had been a deep part of my journey and healing so that I could help other women feel, heal and deal with the same emotions. I released them to be lit up with the dawn and felt a great sense of peace and presence. I did open a shamanic circle, calling in the four corners and proceeded to do a shamanic healing for myself, my family and our adventure. I closed the circle as the sun rose over the desert hills. It all turned out more perfectly than I could have thought. Releasing the expectation, the need to control, and trusting that the perfect opportunity for our growth will appear. 


Are you releasing anything with this full moon?

I knew that the full moon that had been shining down on me there was illuminating all the fears, anxiety and my own thoughts of disappointment. Travis and I realized that we were not going to be defeated anymore by these thoughts, but encourage each other to continue to look for another way to make things happen. A lesson I am sure will come in handy for future travels.

If you weren’t able to get out last night, it is not too late. The energy of the full moon will be here an additional day and it is supercharged to help you release and transform.

What will you/ or did you get support from with this full moon?

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