Do you know how special you truly are?

Happy Magical Monday!!
How was your weekend? Did you get a chance to rest, rejuvenate and connect?
Today’s Mundane to Magical Card is:
Unique Beings
We are each a unique expression of God. Our experiences create our soul’s calling. Seeing everyone as completely unique beings helps us understand that we are each a piece of the puzzle of life. All are needed to create the masterpiece. As we awaken to our soul’s calling, we are able to serve in an authentic way that fulfills our deepest desires!

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Do you know what is your soul’s calling?

Are you living out what you were made to be on this planet?

Are your relationships with your children helping them see their uniqueness and helping them solve their piece of the puzzle?

If not, the best thing you can do is start figuring out your own soul’s calling. When you see yourself as a completely unique and amazing unique being with their path laid out, dragons tamed and vision in alignment, that is the best way to lead your child to seeing theirs. They do not have to “grow up” to lead their soul’s calling. They can start now! Even a 2 year old can give love, healing and peace to the world!!

How do you do this?

Start giving yourself time to explore what you really love to do!

Journal, play, create or listen to your inner stirrings.

Allow yourself the gift to of finding your passions, your soul’s calling.

When you start living out your life on fire and with passion, you suddenly feel more inspired and energized.

If you are feeling like you are living a half life…

If you feel like you are constantly living a life for everyone else…

If you often imagine living the life you really want to be living…

Then it is so vitally important that you find what turns you on!! What makes you feel passionate? What was it when you were little? What was it before you had kids? Why does it have to stop?

I would love for you to be living a life that feels really amazing and you are on fire about! I talk to so many moms that are living their lives for everyone else, saying that they will do what they want when…and then list a dozen things that have to happen in order for them to finally have their magical lives happen.

I want you to actually be living your magical life right now!! Well it does take some time, but it is worth starting right away! If you are open to discovering, learning and creating your magical life but are having doubts if it is possible, then the Dragon Taming Workshop I just completed is definitely worth listening to!! It will help truly hear what is holding you back from living a life on passion.

If you want even more help, I am holding free 30 Minute Mommy Makeover Sessions! Sign up at the tab above 🙂

Love to you magical Mama!!

Stephanie Mathews offers Magical Mothering Mentorship. She helps mom’s transform their relationships with their children and husbands by helping them heal their relationship with themselves. She is also the author of the forthcoming book The Magical Mothering Handbook: Seasonal Guide of Transformation.

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