Weekly Rhythm


Weekly Rhythm

Weekly Rhythms are rituals that are repeated every week. A meal plan for each day, with 3 meals and a snack will free up mind space. Knowing how much or little is going on each week will eliminate the chaos. Limiting the amount of planned activities will help provide space for play, imagination and connection to grow. Plan days of rest, family time and being in nature to heal, body, mind and spirit.




Weekly rhythm has so much to do with preparation. Once we do prepare and start implementing this takes so much off our mental capacity. We actually have more time to think and create, instead of always trying to think only in the moment.

Let’s start with the meal plan. Do you already have favorite meals or types of food you eat regularly? There are some basic food types that can be thought of for each day:
Sunday: traditional family dinner
Monday: Rice Dish
Tuesday: Taco Salad
Wednesday: Pasta
Thursday: meat and potatoes
Friday: pizza
Saturday: Chili

Or there are Steiners grain of the day:
Sunday: wheat
Monday: rice
Tuesday: barley
Wednesday: millit
Thursday: rye
Friday: oats
Saturday: corn

There are so many variations but what is great about either of these, is you just don’t have to think so much. When I first started out with my meal plan I made the same thing each week for about 4 months. When I didn’t have to think about dinner anymore, I finally switched the pasta from spaghetti to lasagna. I didn’t need any more variety in my life, I needed consistency. My really simple, never changing my meal plan gave me the mental space that I needed to create room in my head for more important things. I was able to look around the house and finally get dishes done on a more regular basis. I was able to keep up with laundry, even though the clean pile seems to not get put away as quickly as I would like it. I stopped worrying about what was for breakfast, lunch and dinner and was able to focus on other chores.

Chores for me are a constant work in process. There are always dishes needing to be done, and I make all of our food from scratch so there are a lot of dishes. I have learned to give myself 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon to do dishes, then the rest wait for the next day. I want to play, go for walks in the forest, and let myself be so I have had to let go of a lot of what I think is expected of me. I had to learn what my expectations are of myself, and allow those to run my day. Chores can be set out just like your meal prep.
This is a sample of my Weekly rhythm:
Sunday: Work- create for the week
Monday : Work- Get content out
Tuesday: Work- Connect
Wednesday: Clean whole house in the morning- Wilderness Wednesday Afternoon
Thursday: Laundry (laundromat)- wash, put away
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Fun Day

I really have a VERY loose cleaning schedule. I clean up throughout the day, do dishes, and pick up throughout the day. I had to let go of all expectations of having a clean home all the time. In my house only one day out of the week is my house really clean. I have let go of a lot of stuff, physical stuff, so that even if every toy is out in the kids room, it only takes about 20 minutes to clean them all up. I try to get rid of stuff all the time, and if I bring in a new toy, clothes, kitchen gadget then I must let some go.

The next aspect of weekly rhythm is activities. If we have no room to play for hours on end, and too much scheduled we end up rushing ourselves and our children. Have you ever noticed that when we rush our children they seem to go even slower? When we realize that our children under the age of 7 should have 1-2 planned activities a week. This includes play dates, swim lessons, gymnastics, ballet, and sports. We need to allow our children the space to just be. If your children are in daycare or school full time, when they get home, play is their work. They have to be able to process their days and their experience and play is the way children do this. Play is the work of childhood! Allow your children this precious time to play, indoors and out everyday.

I like to have an activity lined up for the day so in the afternoons when the kids want an activity and I don’t want set them in front of a show, I have things lined up for each day.
Monday: Music, making music, dancing or making an instrument
Tuesday: Baking day (Notice it is before cleaning day!!!)
Wednesday: Nature Day
Thursday: Playdough/ clay/ beeswax modleing
Friday: Drawing/coloring
Saturday: Painting or we are out having fun
Sunday: Craft (nature crafts are done more in the summer/Fall and handwork (Such as knitting, making dolls, sewing. These are done much more often in the winter/spring.

My home is one of simplicity. I work very hard on keeping my stuff from making my physical space cluttered. When my physical space is cluttered, my mental space is cluttered. When my mental space is cluttered my emotional space is cluttered. Then I have lost control of my ability to keep myself calm and collected. If I lose control of my emotions, I can not expect my children to keep their emotions in control. It has always amazed me, that having a simple home with simple expectations creates so much space and freedom.

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