What are you reaping this harvest?

This week’s Mundane to Magical card is

BE in Awe
Awe is the emotion of supreme gratitude. It comes over us usually by absolute surprise, yet it can be cultivated. Being in the present moment and creating a sincere sense of gratitude will bring about Awe-inspiring and Awe-some moments more regularly, until our whole life is filled with awe.

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I know it seems like we hear that a lot. From writing a list of 5 things you are grateful for everyday to just saying it before you go to bed. Have you done this before?

If you haven’t that is what your assignment is this week! Either write or say out loud things you are grateful for at every meal, when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Your life will transform, I promise!!

Being in gratitude is not a light feeling. It has huge power. It is a game changing feeling. When you are in gratitude you can then go to the next step of being in AWE!

When we live life in gratitude, then we have the capacity to jump into being in awe so much easier. Being in Awe is only possible though in the present moment. We can’t be in awe by thinking about the past, or the future. So our only option is to start getting present with our emotions and feelings.

4 Steps to getting into the feelings of gratitude
1. Start saying out loud or writing down what you are grateful for at every meal, when you wake up and when you go to sleep
2. Notice the feelings within you when you begin to think of all the aspects of your life that you truly love and in absolute gratitude about
3. Take those feelings and step outside once a day. Have those feelings of gratitude within you and spread them out to the sun (moon and stars), trees, sky, earth. Feel how much bigger all of those are in relation to you.
4. Sink down into the feelings of being 1 being, out of trillions of life streaming all around us. Life is big, so big and we are one aspect of this. Allow for the awe of your life to fill and surround you.

Do not start going in the other direction of whoa is me, and I am insignificant. We want to realize how big life is, see the vastness of it all, and then recognize that we get to be a part of this magical universe.

So if you really want to start harvesting more moments of joy, love and connection, gratitude is a great starting point to see that grow in your life.

Every time your child starts whining, find something to be grateful for in that moment. Maybe it is that they are healthy, they can breathe fully or communicate with words, even though it may be whining. There are some children who do not have that ability. We can be do grateful for things that are taken for granted day in and day out.

If we are feeling like our current situation doesn’t look how we would actually like, we can be grateful that our world is transforming. We can be grateful that we can vision. Then take some time to really envision the life you now are willing to have in your life. Take time to feel what it would be like to live in that vision. When we experience the feelings of life, we connect and sow seeds for real transformation and growth.

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In Gratitude,


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