5 Steps to Creating your Magical Life

Have you ever wanted to say yes to something, or your kids, but it just wasn’t possible to do whatever they wanted in that exact moment. This is where the Mundane to Magical Card, “Yes, When….Then” comes into play. I love this communication tool, because it allows me to say “Yes!” even if it might not be in that moment. It also helps me say yes, and then come up with a way to make it possible. I have to use more problem solving skills, more thought, but ultimately I have a more happy, peaceful home because of this technique.

Yes, When…Then
Say “Yes” as much as you possibly can. When you are unable to take action immediately with the “Yes” follow it with a “When…Then”. Creating more room for fun, adventure and everyone getting their needs met. This mantra will help say “Yes” to all of life, not just your children. Seek opportunities to say “Yes” to life.

I have found that while working on creating my magical life, this has helped me too. I have created a vision for what I want in my life, a desire map of how to get there, and key pieces to help remind me of what my big picture is, with some of the steps that I need to take to get there. I have implemented this communication tool myself to help me see the possibility of what I desire!

Need an example?

Your child comes up to you and asks to bake cookies, but you are in the middle of washing dishes and want to finish the dishes before you get into another baking project. So you would say “YES! When I finish the dishes, then we can bake cookies.” They heard the yes, and are usually content to go play some more or you can pull them in to help with the dishes if they are feeling impatient. This gives them the easy choice for themselves to either go and continue doing whatever they were doing until you finish, OR help hurry you along by helping with whatever you are doing.

This can be used with adults as well. As you begin to say “YES!” more often the issue of how will work itself out. Allowing yourself to be open to more possibility will create more experiences to see the limitless of life!

5 Steps to creating a Yes! Life
1. Awareness: Begin to see how often you say “no” and why?
2. Why: If you are saying no a lot without even knowing the why, look at other ways you are limiting yourself in your life.
3: How: Start saying “yes” first then figuring out how to make it happen
4. When..Then Statement: When you first start saying yes, incorporate the when…Then statement to make it an easier transition.
5: Time: Create the space to make things happen sooner than later though.
Step 5 is really crucial to understand. If your child wants something that you can’t afford, don’t want them to have or aren’t sure how to make it happen saying yes can have a really profound affect on your own limitations. How do you say yes, when all of these factors play in?

Say your child wants a new toy. Yes! When we come up the money, then you can have that toy. THEN, start coming up with ways to raise money. They can make crafts and sell them around the neighborhood. (yes, it might mean you going with them and getting out of your comfort zone but you will be eliminating any limiting beliefs around money and the possibility of them getting what they desire)

When my son wanted chickens, I continued to say Yes! When we get a house that has the space for them, then we can get them. 3 years later we bought a house that already had a chicken coop. So we started saving recycling. We asked friends to bottle up there’s as well and they were making $25 a month, plus birthday money and any other change they found. Soon enough they had $100 saved for their chickens and we went out and got them!
(We raised them inside for 7 weeks and within a week of putting them outside a bear tore apart the coop. We then found them a new home with some friends.)

The point though is this yes took a long time to put into fruition. And yet when it was finally complete, it didn’t last long. That is ok. It was all part of the journey. My son got to experience what he really desired, and when it didn’t work out, he was ok with how it ended.

I am saying all of this, because when we continue to say yes, even without knowing the how or the when life opens up for us! Life creates more possibilities for us to be curious, looking for a way to let the yes happen in our lives.

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