Why rhythm works…

When I first heard the word rhythm I had no idea what was being said. We often hear weekly schedule or plan but the concept of rhythm was foreign to me. So let me take a moment to explain. Rhythm differs from a schedule because there is a flow. A schedule says this is what happens at such and such time, rhythm flows from one moment to the next. So when we look at all the components of a week and a month, we want them to flow and have a rhythm so that we can dance, not a rigid time schedule or plan that has no room for flow. Monthly rhythm has so much to do with preparation. Once we do prepare and start implementing this takes so much off our mental capacity. We actually have more time to think and create, instead of always trying to think only in the moment.

There are 3 aspects to rhythm. Daily, Monthly and Seasonal. Each one is based on the natural rhythms of the earth. When we begin to tap back into the Earth as our guiding force rather than the man made world we begin to feel so much better. Our energy increases, our pleasure increases, and our stress decreases.

Our daily rhythm is based on the 5 pillars. You can check out the blog for daily rhythm here.

Monthly Rhythm is based on the cycles of the moon. The moon’s ebb and flow is directly correlated to our own menstruation, moods and energy levels. Once we recognize how the moon effects us directly we are able to fully see when we are to dive deep in activity and when we are to dive deep into our inner selves. Once we create the basic weekly outline that repeat for the month, the depth will vary depending on the moons cycles. You can check out the blog post on weekly rhythm here.

And our seasonal rhythm is based on the 8 festivals of the year. You can see all about that in the blog post on Seasonal Rhythm here.

But to put them all together can take some time. That is why I love helping women create their rhythm. It is where dreaming, planning and implementing create magic! This week we are having a gathering in the Creating your Magical Life Sisterhood all about “Discover Your Rhythm.” We will heal, visualize and discover what we truly desire to have in our day to day, rather than living by what has to be done. I would love to have you join us!! You can check out all the details at here!

I would love to hear what you are going to do with your rhythm! Please leave a comment or head on over to the magical mothering Facebook group and share your thoughts!

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