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    I am safe, I am loved, I am protected this is what I safe to myself to control my fear my insecurity my racing heart it makes me stay true to myself and who I really am with the end goal I have form myself for each day for each week to come to each year that I may face.
    I find myself doing this when my vertigo starts to act up I place myself in a safe place and repeat I am safe I am loved I am protected, and I find it soothing and it slows and stops the spinning.
    I am finding myself closing my eyes to gather my thoughts and believing in myself a lot more with each passing day, I find myself learning to calm myself and to communicate better.

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    This week it was tough, the inner voice name is doubt.. the voice came from my ex-husband he was mentally abusive it also reflected on the teasing from growing up the teasing from the accent I had due to my parents that spoke English and Spanish so when we was young and learning words we picked up the broken English from them. So I had a lot of self doubt to work thought a lot of self forgiving as well as forgiveness towards those who teased me including family. I had to work through the thought of its not normal to have the ability I have.
    meet Stephanie was and is a great blessing to help me out of all this fear and self doubt.
    I am excited to see my journey

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    This session I learned to reprogram my thoughts, my fears, my hearts racing. I would tell myself I am loved, I am protected, I am safe as I breath in and out I find it helps me face the fear and i feel at peace with the things I’m facing or meditating. I went outside bare foot and just took in the air the breeze and closed my eyes to feel as one with the universe, to connect with my higher self.

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    The Clutter in my small space. working on fixing and placing things in it place. In 5 years i will be comfortable and right where I want to be to be happy and peaceful.

    in reply to: Week 25: Crown Chakra Initiation #960

    This session was enlighten it was peaceful a release of doubt more guidance of my path and to believe in myself and in self love, in self trust

    in reply to: Week 22: Third Eye Chakra Healing #959

    Hello with this session I seen a little girl flowing towards me like she was holding something as she got closer I ran right through her.(yes I was frightened) when I told my mom about this she and my grandma told me I was going to have a child at a young age.(I do believe I was around 12 at the time)after that I blocked everything with that ability. BY the way yes I did have my 1st child at the age of 17.
    I also received the gut feeling, that voice to released the guilt that I have been caring around for so long that it is ok to let it go.

    in reply to: Week 21: Third Eye Activation and Initiation #958

    In this weeks session I realized that its ok to feel pain for the loss of someone or for being hurt bey betrayals, To take the time to feel and learn from it, it will help with the healing and help you connect with yourself and others in ways that you never thought.
    So far in this time Ii have learned so much about myself and how to forgive and to “make” peace with the past to learn from it. there may not be a reason for why it happen when you are hurting or feeling betrayed at that moment however after you release to the pain/ hurt you can see why it happened.
    for me I didn’t understand why I lost loved ones in the ways I did however I see it now as they went ahead to guide me and to protect me from things that haven’t occurred yet or to protect me from things that have and to show me signs on the things Ii need to know.
    I am looking forward to see what else I learn from this course with all y’all

    in reply to: Week 20: Marketing Through the Throat Chakra #957

    In this weeks session I believe I tagged Stephanie in my post.
    I am face that fear of speaking in public as well as being around the public in large groups. I have learned to protect myself to be able to share and speak in public.

    in reply to: Week 19: Throat Chakra Reprogramming #706

    I found that this weeks video may help me communicate with my hubby as well as others.
    I have to find a different way to communicate with my hubby due to the fact he always feels like I,m blaming him when I’m not, he gets defensive.
    I carry triggers in my heart and in my throat, most of the time I get so frustrated that I cry cuz I’m that frustrated so to be able to learn to communicate with my hubby would help me out so much. It will also help me out to communicate with others with out making them feel defensive or like I’m coming/belittling at them.
    So looking forward to communicating with other especially my hubby this weeks session has helped me understand so much.

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    This session of healing is one I will return to.
    I was told to love that it was safe to love, as for the other message was to stop doubting in myself.
    I,m sure I will repeat this video a few more time before I post the picture from my inner child to see if I heard the message right.
    I repeat some of the healing session due to the fact of a habit of blocking myself from most of the messages.

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    On this weeks session we was on our way back from a event 2 as a matter of fact. so I watched this well we was on the road back to Nebraska so my hubby and I listened to native music( drumming, flute) the cd we listen a lot is Robbie Robertson the song is Cherokee morning song. so we sang this song together.
    I feel so blessed when my husband participates in the healing sessions.
    we can hold a tune but it was great to sing this song with him and loud.

    in reply to: Week 16: Marketing from the Heart #695

    With this weeks healing session was great I untangled a lot of anger, sadness, fear and loss.
    my fear is being judged for my actions of who I am as a person. with this session I have learned to love my self and to realize that it is none of my business what other think of me. The only one that matters is myself to be true to myself to love myself. yes at times I have to take a step back close my eyes and breath, breath in the love, the energy, grounding my self with mother earth.

    I posted a live video of our store{my husband and I} of our trade store of our product we make or from friends that make product as well on Facebook.
    My talent is jewelry with different stones, crystals etc.

    in reply to: Week 15: Heart Chakra Reprogramming #650

    Was so looking forward to this healing week
    I’m so happy I can go back to our different healing weeks to help out when needed.
    This healing session along with week 3 has helped me heal so many losses/ sadness, etc. It has help me grow in so many ways.
    So many of these has kept me closed off, with last weeks and this weeks healing session has helped me have closer/ peace with letting go and being at peace with them.
    To cherish the moments but not hold on to them to grow from them, not to hold or worry about them.
    I’m finding peace within myself, trusting myself, loving myself.

    in reply to: Week 14: Heart Chakra Healing #649

    With this weeks healing session helped me deeply it helped me separate the hurt from the healing process I much needed to complete and move forward
    To be able to separate the protection wall I have built for myself.
    I may need to do this a few more times to fully completely heal and move forward.
    I have been so independent and would only cry in the shower where my children could not hear or see me
    I had to be strong for them to show them I could fix or accomplish all that needed to be taken care of for them and myself.
    So to be able to cry now in front of anyone isnt allowed.
    If I cry in front of anyone it is due to me being so upset it is taking all I have to not reach over and hit the person that made me that upset.
    This step/ healing session has helped so much

    in reply to: Week 13- Heart Chakra Initiation #628

    With this weeks healing video session was amazing, Not only did I see pink I also had waves of green interweaved with the pink my body tingled throughout the only process, I felt like the heaviness was gone and I could breath out guilt or emptiness I felt so peaceful and full of love for myself and for my husband.

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