Anti-viral and Immune Boosting


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Did you know that your immune system plays a vital role in not just keeping your from getting sick, but also keeps your other organs functioning?

With this immune booster your body will be able to have more energy, more ability to fight off infections, inflammation, and allow for the organs in your body to function optimally.

This potion is perfect for those individuals who have work schedules that keep them indoors all day. For those who live stressed or over-scheduled lives. This potion is great for parents, back to school, and people who have to be around other people.


 Elder, Ocotillo, Red Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow, Mulberry, Pinon Pine, Rose Hips, Mullein, Rosemary, Dandelion, Brittle bush, Manzanita, Bougainvillea, Juniper, Cat Claw Acacia, Olive Leaf, Purslane, Wild Lettuce, Osha, Lungwort, Cuscuta,  Boneset, Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal


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