Vertigo Potion


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The vertigo potion has herbs that are known to heal the equilibrium in the ear. As well as helping the brain stem, peripheral, and central nervous system. As vertigo is often not a diagnosis but a symptom of an aspect that is occurring in one of these areas. Creating a holistic approach to regenerating the body to heal to wholeness verses just managing the symptom is always the goal with holistic medicine.

The 1 oz bottle lasts 8-12 weeks with regular use.

Vertigo Potion

Take 3-12 drops 3x a day with symptoms. After 5 days, take 2 days off. Repeat as needed. 


Ground Ivy, Lambs Quarters, Maidenhair, Ginger,  Violet, Vervain, Smart Weed, CBD Flower, Pinon Pine Resin, Fleabane,  Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal



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