About Stephanie Mathews – The Herbal Priestess

Welcome to MagicalMothering.com, home of Stephanie Mathews, the Herbal Priestess dedicated to holistic healing and spiritual empowerment.

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Mathews is a certified herbalist, energy healer, and spiritual guide with over a decade of experience in the healing arts. Her journey began with a deep connection to nature and a passion for exploring the healing properties of plants and crystals.

Herbal Wisdom:

Stephanie’s expertise lies in crafting herbal remedies that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Through years of study and practice, she has honed her skills in herbal medicine-making, creating potent tinctures, teas, and salves to support holistic wellness.

Crystal Healing:

As a crystal enthusiast, Stephanie harnesses the energy of healing crystals to restore balance and vitality. Her intuitive understanding of crystal properties allows her to recommend the perfect stones for individual needs, promoting harmony and transformation.

Spiritual Guidance:

Stephanie is also a compassionate spiritual guide, offering personalized consultations and workshops to help individuals on their spiritual journey. Her nurturing presence and deep connection to the divine create a safe space for healing and growth.


MagicalMothering.com is Stephanie’s platform to share her knowledge, wisdom, and products with the world. Whether you’re seeking natural remedies, spiritual guidance, or a deeper connection to nature, Stephanie welcomes you to explore the magic of holistic healing at MagicalMothering.com.

Connect with Stephanie:

For consultations, workshops, or inquiries, please contact Stephanie Mathews at magicalmothering4me@gmail.com or (909)222-9683. Follow her journey on social media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TicTok for daily inspiration and insights into the world of herbalism and spirituality.

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