What is Magical Mothering?

Spiritual Guidance - Plant Potions - Crystals

Spiritual Guidance

Through healing and new coping skills you learn how to integrate your higher self and heal past traumas.

Plant Potions

Healing to wholeness through the help of wildcrafted plants allows you to not just manage the symptoms in your life, but heal the root cause of the symptoms.


Crystals can help create rapid transformation in the body by working directly with our energy field and the environment around us.

Don't Stay Stuck!

So often we put things off just because it is easier in the moment but that will not help us create the life we truly desire!

Release the Judgment and Self Sabotage

Through our conditioning and coping skills that we learned in childhood we often create situations in our lives that mirror the expriences we had. Time to create new experiences!

Investing in Yourself

Investing in yourself can be scary but it will change your life. Stepping into the uncomfortable is all apart of the healing journey.

What my Clients say

about Magical Mothering
Charlene Scharrer

Charlene Scharrer


"I'm so happy to have meet these lovlely people I feel better than I have in years. She made me something to clear my lungs and I am not having to use my inhaler. I haven't needed it since I started using the drops. The drops she made for Wayne are helping him also."

Karen Cacciatore

Karen Cacciatore

Intuitive Mystic and Practioner

I’m on day 2 of the “break” from the medicine! AMAZING. I have so much to say and share about the unfolding that’s occurred and the memories that have come up. It’s been really transformative Stephanie!!!

Monica LaFortune

Monica LaFortune

Young Living Health Consultant

They make amazing remedies and have gorgeous crystals and rocks! Plus they’re amazing people!!


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