Chakra Box

Chakra Healing Delivered To YOUR Door!

Chakra stones

The ONLY Chakra Healing Certification that Delivers!

Monthly Subscription Box

Each month you will receive everything you need to activate, heal, reprogram and integrate each Chakra.


The Chakra box gives you the opportunity to take your healing into your own hands, so you are in control of your life!


This is the only chakra healing certification course that gives you everything you need each month to heal body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Why are healing your Chakras important?

Each Chakra carries an energy through your body. When a chakra is blocked, broken or overactive we get disease in the body. Each aspect of health starts and ends in the Chakra system. Having a healthy, balanced, and whole chakra system allows for you to be whole; mind, body, spirit and emotions.

What will I learn through the Chakra Box?

In this program you will learn 13 chakras. I call them this the Chakra Healing program for Healers. You will learn the 7 main Chakras of the body, but you will also connect with 6 higher Chakras that help connect you to your spiritual gifts! You will learn about the chakras on a basic educational level, as well as on a practical applied level. You will be able to take the knowledge you learn through this program to help your own life and then be able to help others in their own healing journey. Through this journey of healing you will be more clear about your own purpose, what healing aspects call to you, and be guided to step into your innate gifts to share with the world!

How does the chakra box work?

  • Receive Box in Mail Each Month: Chakra Crystal, Chakra Potion, Workbooks and Video Links.
  • Practice with Chakra Crystal with Guidance of the Videos
  • Take Potion to heal the body on a cellular level
  • Use the Workbooks to guide you through the weekly videos
  • Join in the Monthly Group Healing Session
  • Personalized Support through Private Community
  • Text Message Support to help you stay engaged and connected

Who would love the Chakra Box?

– Women or Teenage girls who have tried self help videos, courses and books.
– If you love crystals and learning about their energy
-If you are interested in alternative forms of healing and plant medicine
– If you have tried counseling, therapy and other modes of mental health support.
-If you want to better your life, your emotions and help others through their healing journey.
– Women or Teenage girls who are curious about the Chakra system

What is Required to Earn the Certification?

Each week watch the video and complete the workbook, then share in one of the private communities (Facebook, Website Forum, or Website personal blog post) about your experience. That’s it!

How much does it cost?

The Chakra box is $88, $111, $333 or $1111 per month, depending on the level of support you choose. The $88 option includes a .5 oz bottle of chakra potion, which lasts about 1 month. The $111 option includes a 1 oz bottle of chakra potion, which lasts about 3-4 months. The $333 option includes a 1 oz Chakra Potion Bottle and a monthly private session with Stephanie Mathews. The $1111 option includes a full oz bottle of Chakra Potion, a palm sized crystal, weekly 1-1 personalized healing sessions with Stephanie Mathews and unlimited text/email support.

What is included?

Chakra Potion- The potion is made up of plants that are harvested from all across the United States, personally by Stephanie Mathews and her family. The plants are then placed into an alcohol extract for 4-6 weeks. The medicinal qualities of the plants are then separated from the plant matter. The various plant extracts (tinctures) are then blended together to create a super powerful potion to help integrate the healing you are receiving (mentally, spiritually and emotionally) into your physical body.
Chakra Crystal- Each box comes with a crystal to help you learn how to use crystals in your personal healing practice. Each crystal is personally selected and picked for its high vibrational energy.
Weekly Workbooks- Each box contains the 4 printed out PDF workbooks, giving you access to the workbooks so you can jump right into the program
Weekly Healing Sessions: Each session is prerecorded. You will receive the links to each of the videos in the weekly workbooks.
Private Community: You will access to a community of others who are taking this journey with you. The private community on the website allows for you to share in the forum or in a private blog post. There is also a Facebook group that you can share insights and thoughts.
Weekly Text Message- You will also receive a weekly text message to support you in staying focused, help you process this program and get valuable personalized guidance as you journey though the chakra healing process.
Monthly Group Healing Session- Each month we meet on the 13th to gather (through zoom) to create a space to share our healing journey, get personalized support and dive even deeper into the Magical Mothering Method.

You get to choose the size of potion that comes in your chakra box:
The $88 Chakra box has a .5 ounce potion bottle
The $111-$1111 Chakra box has 1 Full ounce potion bottle

Chakra Box Monthly Subscription with 1/2 oz Chakra Potion~ $88 Chakra Box Monthly Subscription with 1 oz Chakra Potion~ $111 Chakra Box Monthly Subscription with Monthly Private Session ~$333 Chakra Box Monthly Subscription with Weekly Private Session and Hand Sized Healing Crystal ~$1111