Want 1-1 mentorship for the Magical Mothering Method?

What is included?

  • Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Weekly calls, based upon your choosing that are specially directed and dedicated to your individual needs
  • Text message support- you will have access to resources, support and personalized guidance in between our sessions
  • Recordings of each session we have together
  • Each session follows along the Magical Mothering Method Program
  • In addition to the program, these sessions include YOU
  • Each week focuses on an activation, healing, reprogramming or an integration/marketing aspect
  • You are guided in a way that integrates your individual needs and in real time
  • Each session creates massive shifts in your life, unlike therapy or counseling sessions we do not just talk about what is not working in your life, we go through and reprogram your mind, body, emotions and spirit to create shifts that make their way into changing your life

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