Attend a Retreat to step into Sacred Space to Create Healing, Transformation and Radical Shifts in your life!

Mt. Ida, Arkansas (October 29,30,31 2021) Crystal mining Retreat. As we mine and harvest our own Lumerian quartz crystals we will then access the ancient wisdom of the lumerians. We will receive a Lumerian guide that will teach us how to use crystals to heal, create a healing practice that is unique to the individual and connect deeply with the Earth energy. 

Sedona, AZ (March 2021) In Sedona we will be living, breathing and creating vortex from this magical space. Once integrated with the vortex energy we will be able to create a vortex in any physical space to bring into existence and manifest healing, abundance, and wisdom.

Specific Dates and Sign up coming soon for these retreats

  •  Kauai, Hawaii (June 2021) The islands of Hawaii hold the ancient wisdom and magic. Here lands appear and life thrives. We will tap into that manifestation ability and bring abundance, a thriving (instead of struggle) mindset into our lives, as well as connect with our inner divine. Swimming with sea turtles, connecting with the ocean and sand to bring in connection and learn how to implement true healing to our earth. We will hike to the tallest peak where we will be able to connect with our higher self in a way that is unimaginable. To truly experience heaven on Earth! At this location there is an option to sleep directly on the sand to have a truly once in a lifetime experience of Earthing and being connected to the elementals. (We will be renting camping gear or you can stay in a nearby hotel.)
  • West Yellowstone, MT (August 2021)The geysers are a mix of elements that make the Earth come alive. During this retreat we will be connecting with the elementals and learning how to call upon their magic and power to create huge shifts on the planetary field in our lives and on a global scale.