Attend a Retreat to step into Sacred Space to Create Healing, Transformation and Radical Shifts in your life!

Mt. Ida, Arkansas (October 29,30,31 2021) Crystal mining Retreat. As we mine and harvest our own Lumerian quartz crystals we will then access the ancient wisdom of the lumerians. We will receive a Lumerian guide that will teach us how to use crystals to heal, create a healing practice that is unique to the individual and connect deeply with the Earth energy. 

Sedona, AZ (May 2022) In Sedona we will be living, breathing and creating vortex from this magical space. Once integrated with the vortex energy we will be able to create a vortex in any physical space to bring into existence and manifest healing, abundance, and wisdom.

Specific Dates and Sign up coming soon for these retreats

  • East Yellowstone, WY August 2022: Hot Spring and Yellowstone Expedition. During this outdoor adventure we will be hiking, connecting and submerging in Yellowstone’s bubbling river. Yellowstone has active geothermal activity across the entire space, allowing you to feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth. This will be a camping experience for those brave enough to venture into the wilderness!
  • Quartzite, AZ February 1-2, 2022: Come spend time in the rock capital of the world! We will make crystal infused beeswax candles on Candlemas. Bringing light into the world through our gifts and our candle making. There will be crystal healings, shopping, and fun during this retreat!