The Forest Garden Events

Seasonal Festivals, Moon Magic Ceremonies, and Sacred Gatherings

Seasonal Festivals


Imbolc is the time of year to prepare our lights, through candle making and through our sacral chakra. This is a wonderful time to gather together and to spark within others their own lights to shine. 

Sunday, Janurary 29, 2023

Spring Equinox

A time of equal night and day, as life begins to wake up once again on our Dear Mother Earth. This is when Easter was originally celebrated, so come wearing your bright flower colors as we will gather eggs, dye them with plants, and create a space of joyous experiences! 

March 19, 2023

May Day Gathering

Come Celebrate for the Day to honor the first day of Summer in the Spiral of the Year. We will play around the May Pole, honor the abundance of the Mother Earth and create sacred space of living the Goddess culture. Sunday May 1, 2022

Summer Solstice Gatherings

Come celebrate for 1 day, a few days or a week! We will be camping out enjoying the full essence of our Great Mother Earth! We will integrate wild foods, goddess culture, and sacred sun healing through this time together! June 21- June 26

Harvest Festival

The first of the 3 Harvest Festivals begins in August! Come play, harvest, create, and embody the goddess culture as we sleep under the stars. Communing with Mother Earth, other magical women, and the abundance that will be surrounding us! This gathering will take place from July 31- August 7, choose 1-8 days. 

Autumn Equinox

At a time of equal night and day, we begin to see the shifts in nature all around us. This is the time of acorns, colored leaves, and coming together to explore what else we would like to experience before the year ends. 

Come join in for the day or camp out for a few days. 

September 18-21, 2022


Come experience an old fashioned Halloween Festival with bobbing for apples, games, and lots of delicious desserts. This is the time of death, releasing what is no longer serving us, spending time in our grief over the things in our life that are no longer here: people and situations. 

October 30-31 will be an overnight campout with campfire rituals and fun. 

Winter Solstice

The last seasonal festival of the year will be spent walking the advent spiral. A walk through the year and our own lifetime gathering all the pieces of ourselves. This is a wonderful time of gathering close and experiencing our uniqueness and our shared oneness. 

Sunday December 18, 2022

Monthly Events at The Forest Garden

Full Moon Women’s Circle

Each Full Moon we will gather to share in sacred space. Women so often are not able to share what is really going on or get to a space where they are heard. Each month we will ground to the Earth through breathing and awareness. We will connect with the moon and honor our own bodies natural rhythm that coincides with each phase of the moon. 

I will add these days to the calendar on this website. 

Suggested offering for this gathering $25

Forest School

This gathering is open to all ages. We will explore the woods, share our experiences in nature journals and have fun seeing what nature has to offer! 

Suggested offering of $5 per person

Wild Edible Classes

Each month we will learn to identify, harvest and make our own herbal medicine. Each month we will use a different menstrum to create a variety of herbal medicines. 

$50 per person