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Magical Mothering is a space of healing.
You will find community, potions, crystals, and opportunities to remember your magical self.

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Magical Mothering offers healing community to collaborate with other women in a sacred space. Through the 30 Days of Moon Magic, we go through the moon phases to remember our own healing process is a constant state of Life, Death and Rebirth. Through this remembering we can release what no longer serves us, and allow our magic to unravel. By joining in the community you will be invited to choose a level of participation that is comfortable to you. This can include the private community, 30 days of Moon Magic, 1-on-1 Sessions, or Private Retreat options. All of these are available through the link below. You can also use the contact form to reach out to see which option is best for you. 

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Healing is best done with other women who can support, encourage and create collaborations towards remembering your magical self.


Potions, Crystals, Moon Magic, Retreats, and Gatherings are all important aspects of the healing journey.


Returning to our natures, through remembering our magical selves, ushering in the Goddess Culture, and stepping into physical nature will release the fear.